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How do I completely delete my Apple ID account?


  1. Log in to the account you’d like to delete.
  2. Click on Request to delete your account.
  3. Make sure you want to delete your account and double-check backups of your data.

how to delete your apple id account permanently

How to Permanently Delete Your iCloud Account Apple ID

How can I delete my Apple ID permanently?

Login to the Apple account you want to delete. At the bottom of the page click on Delete Account and make sure it is your intention to delete this account. Double check if there are any backups of your data before proceeding with deletion.

How can I delete my Apple ID permanently without password?

If you just want to quit the app store on your phone, you can do so without having to input a password.

Will changing Apple ID delete everything?

When you change your Apple ID, you will not lose any data. If you create a new Apple ID, that will cause you to have to start fresh and lose everything that you purchased with that account

How do I change my Apple ID but keep everything?

To switch from your old iCloud account to a new one, turn off sync for your old account and delete the account altogether. Then sign in with the new iCloud password using the Merge option to upload all contacts and data in one click.

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