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How do I contact fanfiction net?


There are a few ways to contact fanfiction net, depending on what type of membership you have. If you are a member of fanfiction.net, the best way to reach out is through thefanfiction.net user feedback form.

You can also message your favorite authors and tell them that you’d like to read their work, or if they have any new stories in progress. Another option is to join the discussion boards where users can share their thoughts on various fan works.

Finally, if all else fails, there are always message boards for those who want to talk about their favorite works without having to worry about getting in trouble.

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Fanfiction.net or Wattpad?

Does anyone use FanFiction.Net anymore?

FanFiction.Net is no longer a popular website for users to read fan fiction. The website was first launched in 2001 and has since been used by around 350,000 people. However, recent reports suggest that the website is struggling to remain active and functional. While the site may be defunct for many, it remains an important resource for fans of fan fiction.

Does FanFiction.Net delete account?

This is a question that has been asked by many users in the past, but there is still no definitive answer. Some people believe that FanFiction.Net does indeed delete user accounts, while others maintain that it is not true. There are several factors that could play into this decision, including the severity of the account violation or the history of the user. It’s also worth noting that FanFiction.Net doesn’t always make its decisions based on these factors – sometimes it makes decisions based on how popular an account is or how frequently it’s used. So, whether or not an account is deleted completely depends on a lot of things, including individual circumstances.

Did FanFiction.Net delete stories?

FanFiction.Net, a popular online fiction writing community, is said to have deleted stories following an allegation of cyberbullying. While the site denies any wrongdoing, many users are concerned about the implications this might have on the community as a whole.

Are FanFiction sites legal?

Are FanFiction sites legal? The answer to this question is a complex one, and one that has been the topic of much debate for years. Some people believe that FanFiction sites are legal, while others believe that they are not. There is no clear answer, and it depends on the specific situation.

What is the oldest FanFiction site?

The oldest FanFiction site is probably the fan fiction websites that are created before the internet. These websites were started back in the 1970s and 1980s, and they often have older stories and characters than most modern FanFiction sites.

What was the first FanFiction ever written?

The first FanFiction ever written was in 1899 by Edward Everett Huxley.

How do I delete my Fictionpress account?

Deleting your Fictionpress account is a simple process that you can follow to remove yourself from the site. Remove yourself by going to your account settings and deleting your user profile and password.

How do you change your picture on fanfiction net?

If you’re a fan of fanfiction, then you know that it can be an isolating experience to see the same photos and characters all over the internet. In order to make your fandom more diverse, you can use fanfiction as a platform to share screenshots of different fictional worlds with other fans.

There are a few ways to change your picture on FanFictionNet, but one easy way is to create an account and select “Tumblr Accounts.” Once you’ve created an account, you can select “My Profile” in the left sidebar and click on the “Edit Profile” button. In this window, you’ll need to provide your name, email address and password.

Once you’ve logged in, click on the “Settings” button in the top left corner of the window and scroll down until you find the “Picture Settings” section.

What is the longest FanFiction ever written?

TheFanFiction.com has counted down the list of the world’s longest fanfiction stories, and the results are quite stunning! The longest fanfiction story on their site, at over 16,000 words, is “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. This story was written in 1856 and has been edited multiple times since.

What is the longest written work?

The world’s longest work, according to Guinness World Records, is the poem “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. The poem was written in 1951 and has been read by over 50 million people.

Does FanFiction.Net still exist?

Adopting the same URL as on other sites is a good idea so that readers don’t have to remember another site’s address. FanFiction. Net has over 5 million stories, poems, and plays by authors who are not affiliated with the site or each other. FictionPress.com is a sister site of Adopting the same URL as on other sites is a smart move so that readers do not have to remember another website’s address. Over 1 million unique works of fiction, poetry, and drama are available at FictionPress.com , which operates similarly to FanFiction.Net but with no fan fiction allowed.’ There are currently more poems than prose on the site.’

Is FanFiction.Net illegal?

Fanfiction is an unlawful violation of copyright under current copyright law. Fanfiction is characterized by the use of characters and language from an original creative work, as well as the development of derivative works, all of which are against current copyright legislation (McCardle, 2003).

Why is FanFiction.Net banned?

According to sister site FictionPress, the site has been banned for breaching Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, which prohibits the use of network facilities or services to create or distribute obscene, indecent, false, threatening material.

What happened to fanfiction net?

After adopting a new system that allowed persons under the age of eighteen to join, FanFiction.Net deleted approximately 62,000 stories. … Although Fiction Ratings goes up to Fiction MA on Fiction Ratings, FanFiction.Net has not permitted Fiction MA rated material since 2002 because it might contain adult/explicit content on the site.

Is fanfiction blocked?

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said that fanfiction.net will be closed for as long as the firm’s owner fails to take the required measures to remove illicit or indecent content as requested by authorities.

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