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How do I contact get around?


  1. You can reach Help Center and submit a support request via the mobile app at any time.
  2. Open the top left menu in the app,
  3. Tap HELP.
  4. From there, you can find FAQs, Renter policies, and Terms, and Submit a Request if you still have questions.

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How do I contact getaround?

If you want to delete your account information from our systems, please contact us at [email protected], though we may not be able to remove all data as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

How does get around work?

Getaround allows you to share vehicles with individuals from our car sharing community. On our site, Hosts can advertise their own automobiles (Getaround is an online marketplace that connects Hosts and Guests from our car sharing community). Our mobile app or website may be used to reserve a vehicle and unlock it without the need of meeting someone and handing over keys through the use of individuals’ personal cars.

Can I cancel a Getaround car?

When you book a Getaround journey, you have a one-hour grace period to cancel the trip with no charges. You have 1 hour from the time of booking (up to 5:15PM) to cancel without paying any fees. Once a trip has begun, it cannot be stopped.

Is Getaround legal in New York?

Carsharing services like Getaround (not to be confused with ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft) can now operate in every state, with the exception of New York.

Where do you return getaround cars?

The CarWoo clock calculates the time it takes for your vehicle to complete its journey. When you park in a location other than your home, which is indicated by the app,