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How do I control a deceased person’s Facebook?


  1. Deceased person’s name as it appears on the account.
  2. A link to the timeline you’d like to report.
  3. The email address associated with the account.
  4. Your relationship to the deceased.

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The Facebook account of the dead person may be frozen if they died before their Facebook password could be changed. If you are unable to determine the deceased person’s Facebook password, you will need to report them as deceased so that their account can be unfrozen.

If you are able to provide proof of death by providing documentation such as a death certificate or obituary, then you can request that the account be restored for memorialization purposes. After all, social media is an important part of our lives and it would not make sense for someone who has passed on to have no contact with friends and family on social networks. When reporting a deceased persons facebook account please keep in mind that this process does take time.

Facebook’s Settings section has a “Manage Account” option that will allow you to access a deceased person’s account details. From there, you can report the account as deceased and request the account be closed.

Facebook does not provide individualized assistance with shutting down an account related to death of someone who has passed on according to their Terms of Service agreements. You can read all of that information from their Legal section.

You will need to consider the implications of having another person’s account shut down. Each time a social media site shuts down an account, the content is removed from the web, including any comments made by others on a post about a deceased person years ago. The internet remembers but all those memories are lost once the page gets removed from Facebook or other social media sites. Even if you decide not to have access granted to someone else, there may be things you want memorialized and saved for generations as family history.

You login to the dead person’s account and then click Settings -> Manage Account -> Privacy -> General settings. You then go to ‘On your death, delete your account’. Click the blue button below it ‘Continue’ and you should see a message come up saying that “we recommend you keep this set to on.”

>> You also need this password shared with someone or written down in case something does happen.

> If the person is single, it will show who they are married too so I would be careful about what information you share if they aren’t divorced yet.

1) Log into Facebook with the user’s email address and password.

2) Click Settings in upper right hand corner of main space.

3) Click Manage Facebook Account.

4) You should see this: “If you’re seeing this page, it means we recommend you keep this set to ____. Would you like to change your preferences?” Click Continue

5) Click the blue button below the words “continue”.

How can I access a deceased person’s Facebook?

You (or another Facebook friend) may create a memorialization account on Facebook after your loved one has died. You must provide documentation showing the death of your loved one, such as a copy of the death certificate or an obituary.

How do you take over a Facebook page when someone dies?

The best place to start is by checking the retention settings. Clicking on “help” will take you to Google’s help center, where you can learn how to properly delete each type of user or account. Type “deceased user delete” into the search bar for details. For memorializing or removing an account, choose one of those two options.

What to do with the Facebook account of someone who has died?

When a user has died, Facebook has a policy to commemorate the account. After a person has died, memorialized accounts are used for friends and family to share recollections. By preventing anyone from logging into an account after it’s been memorialized, it helps keep it secure.

Does Facebook delete dead people’s accounts?

Nothing: If no one notifies Facebook of a person’s death, the profile will remain active. … Delete: An individual may request that their account be deleted after they pass away if they so choose. A family or friend can also ask that a user’s account be removed from the site following their death.

How do you memorialize a Facebook account as a legacy contact?

In the upper right corner, click the dropdown arrow. Choose “settings” from the list. From the left-hand sidebar, choose “security.” Open the security settings page. The last option on the security settings page is labeled “legacy contact.” You may modify this setting if you like.

How do you memorialize a Facebook page?

A request must be sent to commemorate an account on Facebook, which should include the deceased’s name and date of death, as well as proof of their death such as an obituary or death certificate. If everything checks out, Facebook will memorialize the account at some point.

How long does it take to memorialize a Facebook account?

Facebook will accept an obituary or memorial card as proof of death. It might take Facebook up to 90 days to remove everything. The deceased person’s communications with friends are the only things that stay in those accounts after death. Finally, whether a page is remembered or deleted, either option is preferable to leaving it as it is at death.

Does Facebook automatically memorialize an account?

When you die, Facebook automatically memorializes your account. However, you have the option of permanently deleting your account after death. After your death, you may decide to name a legacy contact to maintain access to your Facebook profile.

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