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How do I deactivate a device on Netflix?


  1. Enter the e-mail address and password for your Netflix account.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Click Your Account.
  4. Click Sign out of all devices.
  5. Click Yes.

Netflix members can deactivate a device at any time by visiting their account page on Netflix.com, signing into their account and selecting “Your Account” in the top right corner. Users will see a list of devices that are registered with their account below the Sign In button. They can then choose to deactivate and then unregister one or more devices using the “Unregister this Device” button next to each device registration. To finish unregistration, they simply click “OK” for each popup message that appears when you confirm a deactivation request. See answer #1 for more information about why users would want to deactivate a device from their Netflix account.

Unregistered devices can still be used to access the service. In order to deactivate an inactive device, please follow these steps:

1) Go to http://help.netflix.com/en/node/154 and log in with your account information.

2) Click on “Your Account”. You will see a list of all your registered devices for that particular Netflix account. To disable a device, click on the triangle icon next to the device name and choose “Deactivate” from the drop-down menu or simply select Deactivate and hit Save Changes at the bottom of your screen.

3) Confirm that you would like to deactivate the device by clicking Yes when confirming this action on the following page.

4) Your device will now be deactivated and disappear from the list. When you’re done, click on “Your Account”. You will see that your devices have been successfully deactivated.

You can activate or reactivate a registered device in the same way as above by clicking on “Your Account”, scrolling down to Activated Devices and selecting Activate Device via the triangle icon next to the device name. Please note that re-activating an already activated device is not possible once it has been deactivated. If you wish to make use of this particular Netflix account with another device, you will first need to deactivate all active devices before activating new ones.”

I recently switched my internet service from Xfinity to WOW. After flipping the new switch, I went on Netflix and saw that now 3 different devices have “watching this title” when they were not activated or linked before. Yet somehow, I am still charged for these titles being watched and still receive the emails about it.

When you deactivate a device your billing date is reset back to day 1 of each month so if you were paying quarterly then you will be billed again on the first of the following quarter after deactivating your device. The billing cycle will also change from monthly payments to bi-monthly payments (every two months). This applies for both your account option as well as any previously paired deactivated device.

If you have any further questions please contact Netflix customer service by phone or chat. If a support agent tells you that they can deactivate (remove) the activation locks on your account after hacking into it, do not believe them and immediately report the incident to [email protected] .

FYI: You cannot reactivate a device once its been deactivated. Once you deactivate all devices currently linked to your account, one of three things will happen: 1) All of your billing information will be removed from Netflix’s systems and YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED FOR ANY TITLES WATCHED BY THE DEACTIVATED DEVICES until you activate new devices on your account; 2) Your billing information will remain in Netflix’s systems and ANY NEW DEVICES ACTIVATED ON YOUR ACCOUNT will start to be billed immediately; or 3) You will continue to have devices linked to your account but none of them will be able to watch titles until you renew the activation on those devices.

Please also note that if you deactivate an active device, you cannot reactivate it later unless it has remained inactive for at least 90 days after deactivation.

If your current device is a PS3 or Wii, we strongly recommend that you do not deactivate those devices since they are unable to connect with any other streaming boxes. Once these devices are deactivated from this particular Netflix account, they can only be used in connection with this account (at least until Dec 2016) even if you decide to reactivate them later.

What happens if I remove my device?

When you remove your device, it will stop streaming Netflix content and no longer send usage information to Netflix. Any device that has been removed from a Netflix account can be configured again by signing into the primary account holder’s Netflix account directly at Netflix.com/SignIn and managing devices from their Your Account page. If you set up your device with a different user profile than the primary account holder’s, then both users must agree to allow the device access to Netflix.

If there are multiple profiles on the same device, will my kids’ viewing history still show up?

Yes – your children’s viewing activity will always be associated with their profile even though the viewing is happening on your main account. This means that you can keep a watchful eye on what they’re watching.

Will removing a device affect my bill or changes to my account?

No, removing a device from your Netflix account will not affect your billing in any way nor will it change the primary login associated with your subscription. For example, if you have two devices registered and remove one of them, this will not cause the cost for your subscription to be reduced as you still have access to all of the content available at no additional cost on any remaining registered device. You also may choose add another device at any time and begin streaming again instantly on that new device with no change to your monthly bill.

Can I deactivate all my devices?

Yes – you can elect to deactivate all devices on your account either from the Netflix website or from the Netflix mobile app. On a computer, you can visit my.netflix.com for instructions; on a mobile device, go to Help Center in the menu and select Deactivate All Devices under Account Management.

If I cancel my membership, will I still be able to watch things I’ve rented or purchased?

Yes – there is no difference between streaming content that you have purchased versus streamed TV shows and movies included with your subscription plan. The playback restrictions associated with each piece of content are based solely on whether or not your account has access to that title rather than if it was accessed through an active membership plan or previously purchased/rented by another user’s profile on the same device.

For example, if you purchase a title online and your account is deactivated in the future, that title can continue to be played as long as it was licensed for playback at no additional cost even though your account may have been cancelled. If you purchased or rented titles on your main Netflix account using another user profile before cancelling the main membership plan, those titles will still be available to stream as long as there are authorized profiles registered on the same device; however they will not be accessible from another Netflix-enabled device assuming that those devices are logged into different accounts than the one used to rent or purchase them originally.

Please note that any rentals that expire while your account is inactive won’t be renewed when you return.

I can’t find my device, how do I locate it?

You can always use the My Devices page to see a list of your registered devices. On that page you’ll also be able to deactivate any of your devices or restrict their access to certain profiles if needed. If you cannot locate a device within the Netflix application simply go into Help Center in the menu on iOS and Android and select “Device Not Found” for instructions on how to get back up and running. Please note that you will need an active internet connection (Wi-Fi or cellular) to stream titles from Netflix again after recovering a missing device. You can always contact customer support by going to Help Center and selecting Contact Us from within the help center article if you have any questions or need assistance locating a missing device.

I’d like to know when someone is using my account, can I do this?

You’re able to see which profiles are currently streaming content on the My Devices page on the Netflix website or within the Help Center inside of the mobile application. This allows you to ensure that only authorized users are streaming from your account so you don’t have any unexpected charges or interruptions in service while you’re traveling. If needed, restrictions are available under Manage Profiles to limit access by age rating if other members of your household plan should be limited to certain titles based on their viewing preferences and/or maturity level. You can also choose to pause your service at anytime from My Account when you won’t need it for a while.

I’d like to change the billing address on my account?

This can only be changed online on my.netflix.com by visiting your Account page and selecting an alternate shipping address from the menu on the left hand side of the screen under My Profile & Settings or by calling customer service at 1-866-579-7113 (Mon – Fri 6am to 11pm, Sat 8am to 5pm Pacific Time). Please note that this will not change the payment information associated with your account so if you need to make changes to either email or credit card information please use one of those methods as well. All details are verified and processed through our website/call center so updates to billing addresses that are requested within the Netflix application will not be accepted.

I bought a gift subscription but don’t see it in my account, where is it?

The quickest way to verify that your account has been gifted is to simply check the Bills & Account History page on your Account page and look for a charge under Payment Type: Gift Subscription or go into your My Plan & Add-ons section under Your Account and click on the link labeled Gifted. If you purchased an electronic gift card through our website then please contact customer service at 1-866-579-7113 (Mon – Fri 6am to 11pm, Sat 8am to 5pm Pacific Time) to redeem it so we can confirm the receipt of your card and add that subscription to your account.

I’d like to cancel or manage my Netflix membership, how do I do this?

Cancelling or modifying your plan can be done directly online on the My Account page by clicking on “Your Plan” under Your Account and then selecting a new plan from the dropdown menu labeled “Plan & Add-ons”. Any changes you make will take effect immediately whether they are increasing/decreasing the number of movies out at one time, upgrading to unlimited streaming, changing billing information or even canceling your service altogether. Please note that if you choose to cancel your service any payments made prior to your request date may not be refunded depending on when in the month it was processed so make sure to only request this if you are certain that you no longer wish to have service.

I’d like to change the credit card or payment type used for my Netflix subscription

You can update your credit card information online on our Account page by selecting Billing & Payment Info under Your Profile & Settings from the left hand menu or by calling customer service at 1-866-579-7113 (Mon – Fri 6am to 11pm, Sat 8am to 5pm Pacific Time) so we can verify the new information and process a charge of that amount on the next statement date. Please note that changing your payment type will not automatically renew an expired subscription. Any changes made directly within the Netflix application may not be accepted as Netflix is just requesting verification of your new information. If you need to update the credit card on file for another type of charge within Netflix please use one of those two methods if at all possible to avoid having multiple charges processed in error.

I’d like to change which titles show up for me while browsing?

Visibility settings have been updated so you can now choose which title categories show up and order them based on priority during navigation. You can visit your Account page and select Your Profile & Settings under My Profile from the left hand menu or call customer service at 1-866-579-7113 (Mon – Fri 6am to 11pm, Sat 8am to 5pm Pacific Time). Once there simply click on the “Manage Ratings & Lists” button and go to the title category you’d like to modify. To add or remove a title from your list simply select Add a Title , Remove this Title or Edit under Actions for that specific title type. This also works with items in your Watch Instantly queue so if you remove them from there they’ll no longer appear on the Browse page either.

How do I manage devices on Netflix?

In your Netflix account settings, scroll to the Settings section. Press Manage Download Devices and a list of enabled devices on this account will appear in the Manage Download Devices menu with offline viewing enabled.

Can I see who is using my Netflix account?

You can inspect the recent activity of an account to figure out who has been using it. This shows you the dates and times that someone was in your profile, as well as what kinds of devices they were using.

How do I deactivate a device on Netflix?

1. Enter the e-mail address and password for your Netflix account.
2. Click Continue.
3. Click Your Account.
4. Click Sign out of all devices.
5. Click Yes.

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