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How do I deactivate Facebook on my phone?


  1. Launch the Facebook iOS app and tap on the hamburger icon.
  2. then Settings.
  3. Swipe down again and choose Account Ownership.
  4. Tap Deactivation or Deletion.
  5. Follow the prompts.
  6. delete your account.

How to Deactivate Facebook Account

How to Deactivate Facebook Account 

What if I deactivated my account but then changed my mind?

Unfortunately, there is no way to reactivate your account after it has been deactivated by choice. However, you can create a new Facebook account and restore the information from your previous device or computer using the Download Your Information tool. This process only restores photos that have already been uploaded and cannot be completed after May 1, 2016.

How do I temporarily deactivate Facebook on my phone?

To deactivate your Facebook account on an Android or iPhone, go to the ‘Account Ownership and Control’ section and tap ‘Deactivate Account. Alternatively, you can search for ‘Account Ownership and Control’ from the Search Box at the top. Enter your password and your Facebook account will be deactivated.

Can I temporarily disable my Facebook?

You can temporarily deactivate your account and choose to come back whenever you want. When your account is deactivated: no one else can see your profile.

How long can you deactivate Facebook?

Facebook’s social media site said there is no maximum limit on how long a user can deactivate their account. They can also choose to remove the account altogether if they want to permanently separate themselves from Facebook

Can someone else log into my account even though I’ve deleted it?

Yes, they could access your email address associated with your account. If you want to prevent this from happening unlink any other social media accounts or apps on Facebook before deleting your account and make sure you change passwords for all websites linked to your email.

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