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How do I delete a book from Amazon?


  1. On the Books tab, click the book you want to remove.
  2. On the selected book’s detail page
  3. Click Contact Us at the bottom of the page. On the Contact Us page: Under
  4. Select an “issue,”
  5. Select My Books. Under “Select details,” select Remove a book. In the field that appears, make the appropriate selection.

How to Delete A Book From Amazon

You have two options: you can delete an unpublished title or you can remove a published book. Both are pretty easy to do.

This article will help if you have a title that’s not yet available for sale on Amazon. To begin, go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page and log in with your credentials. From here, select the KDP option from your main dashboard:

If this is your first time using Amazon as part of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), don’t worry—you’re about to enter what many consider one of the easiest authoring tools out there. Aside from getting acquainted with all the features and functions, publishing via KDP is so simple that you might even forget you’re doing it. Before we begin, however, make sure you have the necessary documentation to publish a title on Amazon.

To delete an unpublished book from Amazon, first search for your page and click on the link that says Book Details.

The top of this screen will show you all of your books currently listed under Title Status: either Published or Unpublished. Clicking on either category will take you to additional menus where you can select Edit or View Stats (for published titles). Next, scroll down until you see the numbers in parentheses next to the words ISBN. This will be your ASIN number, or the unique identifier for your book on Amazon. Copy this number—we’ll need it later when we complete the process.

If you only have one book ready to publish, then this should be easy. But if you’ve been sending out manuscripts to editors and agents and haven’t yet found a home for them, then there’s a chance that you might have more than one title listed in the Kindle Bookstore with an Amazon ASIN number. To simplify things, I’m going to use my own example: my current listings as of October 2012 include three books that are not yet available; I want to remove them before moving ahead with other new projects. My titles appear here as follows:

If you have more than one title in your draft folder, make sure to take a moment to check the ASIN number before proceeding. This is an easy thing to overlook and can lead you down the wrong path if you’re not careful. In my case, I need to keep in mind that all three of these titles are uniquely identified by their respective ISBNs and thus each has its own ASIN number. If I’m looking for the right one, then all I have to do is compare each book’s details with what appears on my Manage Your Content and Devices page.

How Do I Unpublish A Book On Amazon

When it comes time actually deleting a title from Amazon via KDP, it can be tricky if you’ve listed multiple books with the same ASIN number. I mentioned earlier that my three books all began life as different titles, thus each has its own ISBN and gets its own entry in my KDP account. As such, they are all eligible for sale and/or distribution on Amazon.

Now, when it comes time to choose which title(s) to delete from Amazon via this particular authoring tool, we should be able to remove one of them—but only if I can identify exactly which book is still available for sale by me and which ones have already been distributed elsewhere. The best way to do this is by glancing through a short list of the specific details about each individual title (and yes, these details will change depending on whether or not your title is published, but the helpful information will remain the same):

With this information in mind, I’m going to delete my book All Summer Long from Amazon—I have no interest in distributing it at this time. My account lists that title as follows:

Because I already have a distribution agreement for that particular novel with another publisher, I can’t remove it from my KDP account unless and until I work out either a contract termination or an acquisition deal with them. If you’re unsure of exactly which titles are available for resale within your publishing program (such as KDP), then there’s really only one way to tell: you’ll need to actually double-check each individual entry by doing the following:

With this in mind, you’ll need to follow two different paths if you want to remove your ebooks from Amazon. This is something that can be confusing for many authors—and I know it was for me when I first tried to do this—but once you’ve gone through the process a few times, then it becomes much easier to manage over time. The goal here is simply to find an authoring tool on Amazon that will allow us (assuming we have multiple titles listed under our account) to select each and every individual title by its ASIN number and publish-then-delete them all in one fell swoop without having to go through each entry individually.

I can delete one book from my account in a matter of mere minutes by following the “Publication Information” link that appears on each individual title detail page within KDP. At this stage, you will be asked to verify that you are indeed the author/publisher if you have more than one title listed under your name. Once verified, you’ll find yourself at a screen where you can modify various aspects about the specific entry—you can update your description and keywords here, choose which categories to list your book in and more. You should also see something else important here:

Underneath the “Publish Your Book on Amazon” heading, you should see an option called “Removing your book from sale.” Voila! This is where I need to be for my next step, and this is how you can remove one individual title from Amazon. To do so, all you have to do is click over to that section:

Afterward, there’s only a single button to press which reads “HERE’S WHAT HAPPENS NOW…” If you’re ready to finish the deletion process and take your book down then just confirm by clicking there. Now…it doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

If things aren’t quite so easy for you on the other hand, then your only other option would be to remove one title at a time using the KDP “Reports” tab. Here’s how:

Delete Your eBook Using Reports (Choose Your Path)?

Back on my KDP account home page, I’ll now click over to my “Reports” tab and select the “Royalty Payments” option from within the resulting menu list:

Now all you have to do here is choose your book by its ASIN number in order to see more specific details about exactly where that particular ebook has been distributed. For example, this is the entry for All Summer Long:

I can then delete this book by clicking over to the “Delete” option underneath the royalty statement table. This will take a few minutes (there’s some information that needs to be confirmed before all of your remaining royalties can be paid out), but after you do, the title will disappear from Amazon in about two hours or so. It should also stay removed forever—meaning, you won’t see it appear again on another account or an Amazon seller page unless they’re re-using your old cover or listing details for their own purposes.

That’s really all there is to removing books from KDP! There are other ways to go about doing this as well–such as contacting Amazon customer service directly or using some of the other methods we discussed earlier in this guide—but that’s about as quick and easy as it gets. While you’ll want to leave at least one or two copies up there for posterity, there may be occasions where you simply need to “kill” a title due to a failed book promotion campaign, an unsuccessful paid advertising try-out, copyright infringement issues with another writer/publisher or any number of reasons.

Just remember: There’s never really a reason for shame when it comes to deleting ebook titles from Amazon because they are all yours and no one can take them away from you! Be proud of your accomplishments and know that everything is just part of the learning process when you’re publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing.

Over the years, a lot of writers have begun using Amazon’s KDP program because they want to be able to publish their own ebooks on their own terms (rather than going through traditional publishers or working with self-publishing companies). This is all well and good, but many people also found that they were missing out on additional royalty payments by distributing their books exclusively through Amazon like this. So Amazon came up with a solution by introducing what we now know as KDP Select—the program where you can distribute your ebook through Amazon AND make sure you get paid each time someone reads it even if they only read that ebook on a Kindle (or other device).

It’s a win-win situation, for sure.

There are some versions of the KDP Select program which we’ll dive into later in this book, but first I wanted to show you exactly how KDP Select works by discussing what happens when you actually publish your book using their system. Let’s take a look.

How do I delete a book from Amazon?

1. On the Books tab, click the book you want to remove.
2. On the selected book’s detail page
3. Click Contact Us at the bottom of the page. On the Contact Us page: Under
4. Select an “issue,”
5. Select My Books. Under “Select details,” select Remove a book. In the field that appears, make the appropriate selection.

Can you unpublish a self published book?

If you have self-published a book and now want to delete it, your options are limited. You can remove the book from sale by unpublished it. However, the content will remain available elsewhere on major online retailers like Amazon.

Can you delete an ISBN?

On the Book Management page, check next to the ISBN you want to delete. Click Delete.

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