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How do I delete a picture on Flickr?


  1. Mouse over You, then select Organize.
  2. Drag and drop content to the batch area or select all the content in an album.
  3. Click Edit photos Delete. click Delete.
  4. Click YES, GO AHEAD, then click it again to confirm.
  5. Click Thanks!

How to Delete Photos on Flickr

How to remove images from Flickr® account

How do you delete photos and albums on Flickr?

Delete the photos from your account: You. Select the Album from the menu at the bottom of the screen above the filmstrip. Drag all thumbnails into your workspace one by one. Delete photographs off

Can you delete a picture?

Click the trash can in the lower right corner of your screen. Select a photo to delete by scrolling through them. On the bottom right corner, there is a trash can icon you may use to erase any photos. A warning appears on-screen asking whether you want if you wish to remove the picture from your Google account; press OK or Cancel depending on whether you wish to keep it or not

How do I delete photos on my laptop?

Remove the picture(s) by right-clicking on them or, if there are many pictures, dragging the cursor over them. Let go of the mouse button. A context menu appears. Select “Delete” from the drop-down menu. You must confirm that you wish to remove the selected items before they are removed.

Where do deleted photos go?

Where do Android photos get deleted? When you erase photos on your Android phone, go to the Photos app and tap on “Albums.” Then scroll all the way down and select “Recently Deleted.” Within the last 30 days, you’ll discover all of the pictures you’ve removed in that folder.

How do you delete a Flickr account?

Select “Delete your account” from the drop-down menu. Select “Delete your account” from the drop-down menu after clicking on “settings.” Scroll down to the section labeled “Your Flickr account.” Select “Delete your Flickr account” from there. Read through the information to ensure that you are totally prepared to delete your account, then click “OK.” Fill in your Flickr password.

How do I find recently deleted?

Tap the Albums option in the drop-down menu at the top of your screen to view all of your photo albums. Scroll down and select Recently Deleted from the list, then Select. Tap an image or video you’d like to keep or Recover All to keep it all. To confirm, tap Recover once more.

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