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How do I delete a saved Facebook account?


  1. Go to the Facebook homepage.
  2. Tap the arrow on the far top right.
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Select ‘Your Facebook Information.
  5. Left of the page.
  6. Select “Deactivation and Deletion”
  7. Tap “Permanently Delete Account”

How to Delete all Saved Passwords Google Chrome,

how to delete Facebook save password/chrome/Gmail

How do you delete a saved account on the Facebook app?

Go to the login screen on the Facebook app. Tap “account options” at the bottom of your name and follow instructions accordingly.

How do I delete the saved Facebook account on my iPhone?

Go to the bottom of your Facebook account, then tap Settings and privacy. Scroll down to where it says security, click on password, and security. Under “where you’re logged in”, find a device or browser that is currently being used and log out from that item.

How do I delete a saved login?

Open the Tools menu. Select Internet Options. Click Content. Under AutoComplete, click Settings. Click Delete AutoUnder Completion History to delete old entries and enable new ones by unchecking Delete auto-completed history of web forms etc.

What happens if I have two Facebook accounts?

Don’t have two Facebook accounts­. The main reason is that Facebook doesn’t allow users to have more than one personal account—it’s against their Terms of Service. So if they find out you have two personal accounts, they’ll shut them down.

How can I delete my old Facebook account permanently?

Find and click the Account menu at the top right of any Facebook page. Choose Settings to access your General settings, which you can use to deactivate your account.

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