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How do I delete a social media account?


  1. Choose Settings And then General.
  2. Look for the Manage account category.
  3. Next to it, you should see an Edit option.
  4. Click Edit. Choose Deactivate your account.
  5. Next, Facebook will prompt you for your password and ask you to give a reason for leaving, such as privacy concerns or wasted time.

How do I delete my account on just one service?

How do I delete my account from the central Wikimedia servers?

Please contact [email protected] to request deletion of your account from our central databases. Please bear in mind that it will take time for all data related to your username to be removed from all logs (both those that are publicly available and others which we keep internally) – see next question below for more information.

If my IP address is blocked from editing, does that apply to all of the Wikimedia sites?

We block users based on their IP addresses. However, some services (such as Tor) allow you to use an IP address that differs from your actual physical location, so be certain that you are in compliance with our Terms of Use when editing any Wikimedia site.

If I edit using one username but make contributions under another name, will both still be available?

If you access both blocked and unblocked versions of your user page, any blocks placed on that page will also apply to the other version. If there are any pages or Talk archives which mention you or are linked to them, those too will still be available. Note that deleted content remains in Wikimedia’s raw historical data dumps for a longer period of time; see this FAQ entry for more details).

How long will it take to delete my personal information?

Our goal is to respect your privacy, and provide you with a range of options for access or removal of your data on our sites. For example, if you are inactive (“away”) from wikis for at least two months we will delete your user page in all project’s archives (Admins may wish to retain this content for historical reasons). Please note that any logged IP address will be retained for 30 days after deletion, pursuant to our Terms of Use. If you want us to permanently delete all records about your username, please contact us via email at [email protected] (please note that while public IP addresses are marked for 30 days, your account creation and access records may be retained for a longer period; please check with us on this point before requesting deletion).

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