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How do I delete a Sonos account?


  1. Go to Sonos music menu.
  2. Tap “Settings.”
  3. Tap “My Services.”
  4. Tap the service you wish to remove from Sonos.
  5. Select “Remove Account.” If you’ve added multiple accounts, make sure the correct one is selected before removing.

If you would like to delete a Sonos account associated with your system, please contact Customer Care. To reach us, call 1-888-936-7678 or send an email to [email protected]

In general, deleting an account will remove that person’s credentials from the device(s) they are signed into and reset all settings as if that user were never present on the unit(s). Pressing ‘forget’ on the remote control after deletion is not sufficient for this purpose. You may want to consider doing a factory reset before deleting your account in order to ensure all settings are removed completely, but this action can sometimes cause issues with cloud services such as Spotify so we recommend contacting Sonos Customer Care to confirm whether or not it is safe to do so.

How do I delete music from my Sonos system?

If you have personally downloaded music from your computer onto your Sonos system, any of the tracks stored on the device will be removed when you delete an account that has been connected to that particular Sonos system. You should save any albums you’d like to keep before deleting a user’s account. Music streaming services such as Amazon Music and Spotify offer offline playback options for clients, so if you are using these services, you can ensure that those files stay in place after user deletion by going into Settings>Music Library & Color>Downloaded Music and making sure ‘Automatically add new music to your Sonos system’ is not checked. Additionally, you can ask the deleting user to export any offline files to a USB drive that will be connected to the system, or simply sign in as another user on the device and go to Settings>Music Library & Color>Downloaded Music>Export Offline Music for manual transfer.

In addition, this applies when transferring from one Sonos unit with an active account to another unit without Internet access (such as between two rooms). If you’re using the automatic download settings on your “main” Sonos speaker and use its music library as a source of songs played in other rooms throughout your home, all devices must have access to the Internet otherwise they won’t play those tracks. So if you are transferring to a unit with no Internet access, you may want to manually save all your tracks after adding them from the “main” device.

How do I permanently remove an account from my Sonos system?

If you’ve tried deleting an account but keep seeing that user’s credentials show up again on your sonos.com dashboard, it may be because they use their Amazon account or Google credentials for login and therefore don’t have individual usernames and passwords in the dashboard. If this is the case, we recommend reaching out to Customer Care at 1-888-936-7678 or emailing [email protected] so that we can help get those accounts deleted from your system(s).

Additionally, if you’re a fan of the Sonos app for iOS and Android (or are using the mobile web app at https://www.sonos.com/app) but would like to remove all individual account memberships from your system(s), please delete that user’s login credentials directly from your device or browser after opening the app – if you accidentally sign out on one system, you will still be signed into other systems with that same user name and password when opening the app again. We do not recommend logging in as a separate user in order to manually add music sources; instead we suggest deleting the entire account through your sonos.com dashboard and then signing in again as that person (if you’re not going to do this on the device where that account was originally created, please ask them to remove any cloud music sources from the speaker(s) as well; if they don’t know how, please have them contact Customer Care).

How do I delete my entire Sonos system?

To permanently remove a Sonos system from your account(s), you must call our tech support team (1-888-936-7678 or emailing [email protected] directly) so we can disable all access and make sure it is properly removed. If you are only transferring one piece of equipment with an active account between two rooms in your home, it is technically possible to disconnect the physical unit from one room and then connect it to the other, but you will need to have a technician remove its physical network card.

What happens to my music when I delete an account?

Unsure about what happens if you delete an account from your Sonos system? The short answer is that those tracks will not be available to play from other speakers around the house as long as they’re added through that particular user. If you want access to them on another speaker, we recommend removing all downloaded content from that device manually (Settings>Music Library & Color>Downloaded Music>Export Offline Music) or deleting the entire profile (Settings>Users). You can also email [email protected] with more details of what happened and we’ll be happy to help.

What happens if I lose my network card or remove all the systems from my account?

You may have heard that if you lose your network card, hide a system within another room when moving in with new roommates, or have to make any other changes you’ll need to contact our tech support team so we can disable and delete it (1-888-936-7678 or emailing [email protected] directly). This is because it’s unlikely the unit will stay inactive for 24 hours after being removed from an account – each has been programmed to automatically reconnect back into the home “network” without internet access as soon as they hear one Sonos device play music again. This is a standard feature in our products that helps to ensure audio quality and the overall stability of our mesh networking systems. That said, if you have no way of disabling or deleting the unit due to malfunctioning hardware or loss, we can do so from our end because we want your experience with Sonos to be stress-free!

What happens when my partner adds music files to their own playlists?

This actually doesn’t happen very often; partners can share music by adding music sources on the same system or sending tracks directly through Sonosnet. But once they have added them, those tracks will appear within each person’s personal library (Settings>Music Library & Color) as long as they are both using the same room. So if you find that your partner has added specific songs to their own playlists and want them available to play in another room, do not delete those sources from within their account. Instead, add whatever it is they’ve added on every system so it will appear within your personal library too (select “Add Music Source” > select the device where you want those tracks to appear). When you are browsing a person’s music library, you can switch between rooms by clicking on any of the options at the top of the screen.

How do I stream my iTunes music?

There have been many ways over time but currently we no longer allow Sonos to connect directly with iTunes or iCloud as they do not work well with the rest of Sonos’ mesh networking technology. However, you can still access your iTunes library by adding music sources to a zone. That will allow you to play any tracks from either Music or Playlists that are already downloaded—you will only need to download those files manually if they are not there yet (Settings>Music Library & Color>Downloaded Music).

How do I share my computer’s music library?

If you have a device in your home connected to and registered as part of both your home network and local WiFi then it is technically possible to stream media directly from that machine. But it requires additional setup and may be more difficult than streaming from services like Spotify or Pandora. We recommend connecting to those services through the Sonos app and creating a music source from them if possible.

How do I set up my home computer to stream Pandora as a music source?

Pandora is supported via our “Internet Radio” feature—you can learn how to add an Internet Radio here. Please note, this will not allow you to play files that are currently saved on your hard drive.

Does Sonos work with Apple Music Connect?

At present, no—Sonos does not support Apple Music Connect as it is designed for use with Apple Music and Beats accounts (and works very differently than any other music streaming service). This means you would need to either create one of those accounts or use a different computer/phone for streaming Apple Music. We’re always open to improvements and additions however—so you never know what the future will bring!

How do I delete a Sonos account?

1. Go to Sonos music menu.
2. Tap “Settings.”
3. Tap “My Services.”
4. Tap the service you wish to remove from Sonos.
5. Select “Remove Account.” If you’ve added multiple accounts, make sure the correct one is selected before removing.

How do I remove an email account from Sonos?

To change your email in the Sonos app for iOS or Android, open Settings from the Account tab and select Change Email.

Do you have to reset Sonos before selling?

In order to be sure your Sonos devices are fully functional, you should factory reset them. If the new owner has not yet done so, ask them to do that as their first step in setting up the speaker system.

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