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How do I delete an administrator account on my HP laptop?


  1. From the Start screen, type Control panel, and then click Control Panel in the Search results.
  2. In the Control Panel.
  3. Click the User Accounts link. Under User Accounts.
  4. Click the Remove user accounts link.
  5. If you are prompted for an Administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

How To Delete Administrator Account In Windows 10

How to delete remove administrator and standard user account Windows 10

How do I delete a built-in Administrator account?

To delete a built-in administrator account, you must manually remove the account from the Active Directory Users and Computers console.

How do I get Administrator permission off?

To get administrator permissions off, you can either do it yourself or ask someone who has the permission to do so. If you are the one with administrative permissions, then you can remove them by going into your computer settings and removing the administrative account. If not, then you will need to ask someone who has this permission.

How do I change the administrator on my HP laptop?

The first step is to login to your laptop with the account you want to make the administrator. Once logged in, click on “Start” on the bottom left corner of your screen. Then select “Control Panel”. Next, go to “User Accounts”, then “Administrators”. If this account is not already an administrator, click on the button that says “Add.” Fill in the new username and password of the user you want to make an administrator.

How do I remove the default administrator account in Windows 10?

The default administrator account in Windows 10 is the only account that cannot be deleted. To remove this account, you can log out of your other accounts and then delete the administrator account. After logging back in, you should see a notification to create a new administrator account.

How do I change the built in administrator account?

The built in administrator account is a security risk and should be changed. When you change the built in administrator account, make sure to create a new user account with limited privileges and use this for day-to-day tasks.

How can I delete administrator account without password?

If you have administrator access to the computer, you could log in as an administrator and delete the account. If you do not, then you will need to contact the system administrator or owner of the computer.

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