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How do I delete an old blog?


  1. Log into Blogger using your Google account.
  2. Click the down arrow located in the top left and select the blog you want to delete from the list.
  3. In the left menu, click Settings Other.
  4. In the Delete Blog section, next to Remove your blog, click Delete blog.

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How do I delete my old Blogger account without email and password?

Unfortunately, Blogger does not provide a way to delete old accounts without an email and password. You can, however, create a new account and import your old blog posts.

Should I delete my old blog?

The decision to delete your old blog is up to you. There are pros and cons of keeping it up.
You can use your old blog as a way to show your new blog’s growth over time, which could be interesting for some people.
You might get followers on your old blog who don’t know about your new one, so they will continue to get updates from you.

How do I get my Blogger account deleted?

Google will not delete your Blogger account. You can use the Google Dashboard to delete your blog posts or you can contact Blogger Support to request deletion.

Does Blogger delete inactive blogs?

Yes, Blogger deletes inactive blogs. Inactive blogs are those that have not been updated in the last 12 months.
Blogger deletes inactive blogs. Inactive blogs are those that have not been updated in the last 12 months.

How do you delete a Blogger post?

To delete a post from your blog, navigate to the post and click on Delete. To delete a blog post on Blogger, you’ll need to go to the edit screen of the post in question. From there, click on “Delete” and confirm your choice by clicking “Yes.

How do I get rid of m1 on Blogger?

You can delete the m1 by clicking on the “Delete M1” button in the left column of your blog. Blogger is a free blogging service. The “m1” you’re referring to is most likely an ad that has been placed on your blog by Google Adsense. To remove the ad, click the “Ads” tab in your Blogger dashboard, then click the “X” next to the Adsense ad you want to remove. To get rid of “m1” on Blogger, you can either delete the m1 code or replace it with another tag.
To delete the m1 code, click on the text box where your post content goes and press CTRL+A to select all. Then, click anywhere inside the text box and press DELETE.

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