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How do I delete an unauthorized Facebook account?


  1. To delete a Facebook account.
  2. Click to Account
  3. Click to Account Settings.
  4. Select Deactivate Account.
  5. Select one of the eight reasons.

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How do I delete someone else’s Facebook account?

You cannot delete someone else’s Facebook account without knowing the email and password for the account.

Can an editor delete a Facebook page?

Administrators and editors have total control of a Facebook page, but admins are the only ones who can assign roles to other page managers. Both administrators and editors can create, schedule, and delete posts as well as edit the description.

Can an editor unpublish a Facebook page?

If you are not satisfied with the publishing of your page, please click Unpublish.

How do I unlink my personal Facebook page?

If you want to remove your personal account, select “remove” on the page again. Locate your profile and then press “save.” You must enter a password to secure changes.