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How do I delete another Gmail account?


  1. Sign in to the account.
  2. Go to MyAccount.Google.com.
  3. Click on “Delete your account or services”.
  4. Click “Delete Google Account and data”. Confirm it’s your account. Follow the rest of the process.

There are two ways to remove a Gmail account from your current device: by using the Accounts screen, or through Settings.

Method 1: Using Account Options in Gmail App for Android

The easiest way is to use the Accounts screen to delete an existing Gmail account in your devices that running on Android 4.0 and above:

Launch the Gmail app on your device. Tap Menu > Settings > Add Account. Choose Google as type of account you want to add. Enter email address and password of the Google account you want to delete. Tap Next (if required). When asked if this is one of your accounts, tap Yes (if it is) or otherwise don’t change anything and then tap Next again. Review information about your Google account and tap Next again to continue.

After your new Gmail account is added, you can see it on the Accounts screen:

Tap Menu > Accounts . Tap an email address. You’ll see the Account Details screen for that account. Tap Manage Account . From the “Delete a Google Account” section at the bottom of the page, select Delete from this device. Confirm its deletion by tapping OK. When prompted, sign in to your Android device with your primary Gmail or other Google profile so that any running services will be signed out properly when you delete the additional email account from your device. After signing in, go back to App Info and then choose Done (!). The new Gmail app should now also start syncing again, and you should be able to use the app normally.

Method 2: Using Settings in Android Device

If your device is running on a version of Android that does not yet support the Google’s Accounts screen , you can also remove an email account from your device by going through Settings:

Open Settings on your device where the new Gmail account was added. Find and tap Apps. Scroll down or search for Gmail app info (if it doesn’t show up). Tap Manage Accounts . From “Accounts” section at the bottom of this page, select Delete Account. Confirm its deletion by tapping OK. After deleting account, reboot your device so all running services will be signed out properly when you delete the additional email account from your device. After rebooting, go back to App Info and then choose Done (!). The new Gmail app should now also start syncing again, and you should be able to use the app normally.

After deleting the account from your Android device, it’s recommended that you also remove it from Google Settings page in order to avoid confusion later on:

In a web browser, sign-in to your account at https://accounts.google.com/. Select an email address under “My Account” heading which was used for this deleted account. On the left panel of that page, tap Delete products > Remove Gmail . Confirm its deletion by tapping OK . Also remove other services related with removed email account such as YouTube or Google Drive.

How do I make Gmail open in a new tab?

​To add Gmail to Windows’ “which app opens this link” list:

In a web browser, go to Gmail.com and login into your account. In the top-right corner, click Settings (the gear icon). Select Remove account . You will now be asked if you want to remove the application. Uncheck “Keep personal email separate from business emails”. Click OK and Close . Open Firefox or IE Mail or whatever you use for your PC’s webmail inbox and try clicking on an email address in desktop version of Gmail; it should then open up as a new tab by default instead of opening in a standalone window as before. If you prefer opening Gmail in a new tab when clicking on email addresses, but do not want to remove your account from previous app handling Gmail links, you can set the default for email addresses:

You can’t directly delete another Google Account. But you can disable the account to prevent it from doing any damage on your Google account. Here are the steps:  Click on ‘Sign Out’ of the other/3rd-party Gmail account in “Sign in & security>Google Accounts” page or by clicking here . Then after, click on ‘Disconnect an Account’ (as shown below) and then click on ‘DISABLE ACCOUNT’.

Then, just simply Sign In to your main/primary Gmail account and go to “Mail>Primary”> choose a mailbox from the drop down menu>click options icon beside that mailbox>choose “Allowance” tab >click “Manage Other Mailbox access”.

Now, you will see the other Gmail account in question. Simply click on ‘DISABLE ACCESS’.

I have disabled that 3rd-party/other Gmail account for now. But I want to delete it permanently from my Google Account! How do I still delete another Gmail account permanently?

 I suggest you to enable your “Google Guard” or simply go to “Sign in & Security>Google Accounts>Security” and then choose “Verify Apps” option (as shown below). Now, select the option of ‘MANAGE APP RULES’ and then type Google account name where it says ‘Name’, Description: Type the description of what app does, Permission: Select an appropriate permission level >Add Rule(as shown below).

Now, you can easily Uninstall or Remove that 3rd-party/other Gmail Account from your Google Account. Follow these steps: >Click on ‘Delete’ beneath the app name you want to remove (as shown above). And then select ‘YES’ to confirm deletion.

My other question is why did that other/3rd-party Gmail account have access to my primary Gmail account in the first place? How could I prevent it from happening again?

 You should have seen a prompt where it will ask whether you allow another Gmail account to access your primary one OR not when changing/setting up an email address of choice for any service offered by Google such as YouTube or Blogger etc. Then, just simply select ‘No’ to prevent it from accessing your primary Gmail account.

Unfortunately, you can’t permanently delete one or more emails in an email conversation. What you CAN do is go to the top right of that email conversation and click on “More…” > then choose “Delete”. It will then ask whether you want to delete all emails in this conversation or don’t want to delete any of them. Just simply follow on based on what you’ve chosen previously.

Does deleting an email delete it from all devices?

Embedded within your Gmail application is an issue of storage space that belongs to you, but the privacy of those messages might be compromised if someone has access to your mobile device.

How do I delete a Gmail account without deleting my Google account?

Follow these steps to delete your Gmail account:
1. Sign in with your password and click “Next”
2. On the Delete a Google Service page, select Gmail from the list of choices (Delete icon is next to each option)
3. Type an email address or name for Google’s new backup option on the screen and then click “Finish”
4. To delete Account on all products owned by Google, check the “Remove my account from all products owned by Google” box before clicking Finish

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