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How do I delete another person’s Facebook account?


  1. To delete someone’s Facebook account, navigate to the “Security and Login” section on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. Then go to “Edit Settings” and scroll down to “Deactivate Your Account.”
  3. You will need to enter your password and then click “Deactivate.”
  4. If you need help with this process, please contact Facebook Customer Service.

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How do I delete another person’s Facebook account?

To delete another person’s Facebook account, you’ll need to log in to their account and go to the “Settings” page. At the bottom of that page, click “Manage Account.” On that page, you’ll see a link to delete the account. Click that link and confirm your decision.

Can someone else use your Facebook account?

Yes. Facebook allows you to choose who can use your account, including specifying that no one can use it. You can also specify that only certain people can use your account.

Is it illegal to have another Facebook account?

It is not illegal to have another Facebook account. However, it is against the terms and conditions of Facebook to have more than one personal account.

Can you have 2 Facebook accounts on one phone?

Yes, you can have two Facebook accounts on one phone. However, you will need to log out of the first account before logging into a new one.
There are a few different ways to log out of your current Facebook account and into a new one. You can go to the settings page and click on “log out.” You can also go to the app store and search for “Facebook” and then click on the app that says “log out”.

How do you remove someone from Facebook without them knowing?

If you want to remove someone from your Facebook without them knowing, you will need to know their email address. Once you have the email address, log into your Facebook account and go to Privacy Settings. Click on “How do I stop someone from bothering me?” and then click on “Block” next to the person’s name. You will be prompted with a confirmation message asking if you are sure that you want to block the person. Click “Confirm.

How do you get in Facebook jail?

If you violate Facebook’s policies, your account might be restricted or even blocked. For example, if you post spam or click on ads too many times, your account will be restricted for a period of time. If you repeatedly share links to content that violates copyright laws, your account may be blocked.

Why is my Facebook account showing someone else?

It sounds like your account was hacked. If you have a phone number associated with your account, try changing your password and adding a recovery phone number.

Why is my Facebook account showing someone else?

It’s possible that your Facebook account was hacked. If you’re not sure, then the best thing to do is contact Facebook directly and have them investigate.

Can I check my login history on Facebook?

You can see your login history on Facebook by going to the Security and Login section of your Facebook settings.

Can you tell if someone is checking your Messenger?

No. Facebook Messenger doesn’t have a way to tell if someone is checking your messages.

How can I merge two Facebook accounts with different names?

You can’t merge two Facebook accounts with different names. You’ll have to create a new account and then delete the old one.

Can I have 2 Facebook accounts with same email?

Yes, you can have two Facebook accounts with the same email. However, it is not recommended because your friends may get confused about which account they are communicating with. You can also have two different email addresses for each account so that this confusion does not happen.

Is creating a fake Facebook account illegal?

Creating a fake Facebook account is not illegal, but it can be considered fraud.

How does Facebook know I have two accounts?

Facebook has a system in place to detect and prevent duplicate accounts. They will send you an email when they find one, and prompt you to go through a process to merge them.

Can you have two Facebook accounts with the same name?

Yes, but it will be difficult to manage two Facebook accounts with the same name.

Why would someone create multiple Facebook accounts?

People create multiple Facebook accounts for a variety of reasons. Some people may have more than one account because they have two different lives, and want to keep them separate. Others may have an account for personal use and an account for professional use. People may also be using the accounts to hide their identities, or to avoid being unfriended by someone on Facebook.

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