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How do I delete cloud storage?


  1. Open the Cloud Storage browser in the Google Cloud Console.
  2. In the list of buckets.
  3. Click on the name of the bucket that contains the object you want to delete.
  4. Navigate to the object, which may be located in a folder.
  5. Click the checkbox next to the object you want to delete.
  6. Click the Delete button.

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What exactly is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a cloud computing architecture in which data is kept on the Internet via a cloud computing provider that handles and runs data storage as a service. With “anytime, anywhere” data access, you get flexibility, worldwide scale, and durability.

What is cloud storage with example?

Cloud Storage enables you to store data remotely, which is especially useful for long-term storage. Some examples of Cloud Storage are Google Docs, Xdrive, MediaMax, and Strongspace. Backup services in the Cloud are most likely familiar to computer users. Mozy.com and carbonite.com are good instances of this technology.

Is cloud a server?

A cloud is a server that is located in data centers (typically outside your house) and is accessed via the internet. Rather than owning the server, you are renting space on it.

Do you have to pay for cloud storage?

If you know where to look, the cloud is brimming with free storage. There’s plenty of free storage in the cloud, whether it’s from Box to DropBox or Google to Apple. Many firms make use of free cloud storage as a means of enticing consumers into their clouds in order for them to pay for more space.

Is Dropbox or Google Drive Better?

Dropbox has won, narrowly. In the fight between Dropbox and Google Drive, Dropbox wins by a nose. It just edges out Google Drive thanks to security, but its slightly easier file sharing and faster syncing make it a superior service, particularly for people who work on a lot of documents together.

Where is data stored in cloud?

Instead of being kept on your own personal device (for example, your laptop’s hard drive or your phone), cloud-based data is stored somewhere else and then downloaded to you via the internet.

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