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How do I delete contacts from my Hotmail account?


  1. Sign in to https://contacts.live.com.
  2. On the left side of Name, there is a checkbox beneath All, kindly tick that box.
  3. Click Delete, then click OK.

How to delete contacts in Outlook

Delete Hotmail Contacts

If you’re reading this, it probably means that you have a question about deleting contacts from your Hotmail account. Unfortunately, there is no way to delete contacts on Hotmail. It’s the only major email service that doesn’t allow for contact deletion.

Delete contacts from my Hotmail account:

1. Click on the “reply” button-

2. click on the drop-down arrow that is pointing to the right  underneath reply, then click bottom of screen that says “show options”

3. select or highlight all contacts by dragging your mouse over select all contacts in the left-most column of names (the blue blob)

4. hit delete at top left-hand corner of window (bottom right under blue bar–with internet explorer open)

How do I delete all Hotmail contacts?

Sign in to https://contacts.live.com/. On the left side of Name, check the box next to All and then click Delete. Then OK). Tap OK once you’ve deleted your account.)

How do I delete recent contacts in Hotmail?

You may delete one or more entries from the Recent People list. If you mouse over the person’s name, an X will appear to the right of it. To remove a person’s name and email address from the Auto-Complete List, click the X to the right of his or her entry.

How do I delete saved email addresses in Hotmail?

To remove an email address from an autocomplete list, go to the People View Switcher and choose a contact. nChoose the contact that contains the email address you want to get rid of.

How do I delete email contacts?

On an Android phone, the procedure is similar. Tap and hold the contacts you wish to remove until you see a check mark next to them, then tap the Trash button in the upper right corner.

Why can’t I delete contacts from Outlook?

To delete contacts from Outlook, you must first add your address book by entering your contact’s email addresses or phone numbers. You may not remove contacts from Microsoft Exchange’s global address book, but you can remove any contacts you create in Outlook.

Where are my contacts in Hotmail?

Select “Folders” from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen. Select “People” from the drop-down menu next to it, and choose a contact. login to windows live using your hotmail account; you can do this at hotmail.com or live.com. After you’ve logged in, hover over the “Hotmail” logo near the top of the page and select “Contacts.”

How do I delete unwanted contacts?

a) a single contact: Tap the person. More Delete may be found at the top right corner. Delete. Delete all of your contacts together. Select all to remove them from your phonebook. Delete each one individually by tapping it three times in quick succession

How do I delete Hotmail contacts on Android?

To get rid of a contact, go to the search tab and select the tiny “Contacts” option located in the upper left corner of your screen, immediately below the search bar. You may now remove a contact by doing so

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