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How do I delete duplicate emails in Outlook?


  1. Open MS Outlook 2016.
  2. Select the Inbox folder that contains duplicated emails.
  3. Go to the Home menu.
  4. Click on the Clean Up option available on the ribbon.

How to delete duplicate email in Microsoft outlook !! Clean up in Outlook !!

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How do I merge duplicate emails in Outlook?

Click on Account Settings. Click Close after removing the duplicate account. Open and Export File on the File menu. Choose Import/Export from the drop-down list. Select Outlook Data File if you’re importing data from another program or file.

How can I identify duplicate emails in Outlook?

Remove duplicates from your inbox in Microsoft Outlook 2016 by following these steps: nSelect the Inbox folder that has duplicate emails. On the Home menu, choose Clean Up >

Why do I have duplicate emails in Outlook?

The reason why there may be duplicates in the Sent Items folder for certain email services is that the server generates a duplicate and uploads it again. Outlook relies on the server to determine Read/Unread state of an email. Outlook adjusts it if the status from the server is unread.

How can I delete duplicate emails?

Use the Delete Duplicate feature of Kutools to remove duplicate emails in your mail folder. To select multiple emails, open the mail folder, press Ctrl or Shift, then click Kutools > Delete Duplicate > Duplicate Emails. 2. Now all of the duplicates among the selected emails are shown and struck through. Please hit the Delete button.

Why do my emails get sent twice?

The person who receives the email doesn’t get a single copy, but there are always two in the sent message folder. The origin of this phenomenon is dependent on whether you use an IMAP or Exchange account. Outlook keeps a sent message in the Sent message folder of your IMAP account, and your IMAP mail provider could also save a copy if you have one.

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