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How do I delete duplicate photos in Shutterfly?


  1. Click the Select Duplicates button.
  2. Select an option of your liking from the ones that pop out.
  3. Finally, click Select Action and then select Permanent Delete to get rid of these duplicate images forever.
  4. Hover the mouse on the Action button on an album and select Delete to erase the entire album.

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Can you delete duplicates in Shutterfly?

It won’t upload the duplicate if you submit the same picture from the same location to your Shutterfly account by mistake. If you’re combining photos from various sources, though, you’ll have to delete any duplicates from your computer manually.

How do I delete multiple photos on Shutterfly?

nDelete one or many items: first, select each item by clicking it in the white action bar at the top of the page, then click “Trash” in the black action bar. Once you’ve selected everything, press delete. You may select multiple sequential things by holding down shift and clicking each successive one.

How do I organize photos in Shutterfly album?

To arrange the pictures in an album on your Share Site, go to the “Edit” menu next to the album name and choose “Arrange & remove pictures…” You may select a sorting option from the “Sort all” dropdown menu (lower right corner), or move photos manually using the “Move selected items” options just above them.

How do I delete pages on Shutterfly?

To remove a page, hover over it with your cursor and an X will appear in the upper right corner; click to delete it. The following pages will move one space to the left. You may also shift pages in the Edit view by going to the Project menu and selecting “Move page.”

Why are my pictures duplicating themselves?

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7. How can I repair it? My photos are showing a duplicate, side by side of every picture I shoot right now. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is my phone.

How can I find duplicate photos?

Drag your duplicate photos to the scan area with Duplicate Photo Cleaner. To add it to the scan, connect your camera or phone. Duplicate Photo Cleaner will look for identical and similar pictures while you relax and wait. The scan shouldn’t take long.