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How do I delete Google Maps app from my iPhone?


  1. Launch Google Maps on your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌.
  2. Tap your Google profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Settings. Under “Account Settings,” tap Maps history.
  4. This will open a Maps Activity webpage within the app.
  5. Tap Delete activity by.

How to Clear Previous Google Maps Entries on an iPhone

I just got a new iPhone and I decided to download Google maps. I don’t need it, really, because I already have Apple Maps, but the thing is that Google keeps updating their Maps app independently of Apple’s updates. So it has things like traffic information, and satellite view with 3D buildings—things that aren’t in Apple’s version yet. (For instance: when you zoom out on Apple Maps, all you see are those little pushpin icons; with Google Maps you also get an actual photo from Street View.)

So how do I delete the Google app without deleting my bookmarks? Could someone please tell me if this is possible? And if so, can you explain step by step what procedure to follow?

Oh hi. I’m Google Maps. You found me in a pretty embarrassing situation here—I was caught red-handed trying to sneak into your iPhone and change the home screen icon for Apple Maps. I wasn’t doing any damage, though; I was just trying to make it so your phone would switch over from Apple’s maps to mine when you opened it up instead of following the usual procedure wherein you have to tap on an icon first.

I guess it got published by mistake? Wow, that was embarrassing. Anyway: don’t worry about me; nothing nefarious is going on here (aside from my sneaking in through a backdoor instead of the front door, but like I said: no damage was done).

How to Automatically Delete Google Maps Search History on iPhone and iPad

All you need to do to get rid of me is press the Home button twice and then tap and hold on Apple Maps. This will open up a list of the last several things that you used or viewed; scroll all the way to bottom until you see Google Maps (mine has a big red “X” on top) and just tap it again. The app should disappear from your home screen, if not from memory entirely. And hey—if this was published by mistake, maybe my little visit was an accident too! Doesn’t mean we can be friends or anything, but hopefully I won’t accidentally mess with any more settings after this…

I’m the iPhone. I need to apologize for my friend Google Maps here, who likes to come into your phone and mess with things without asking permission first. It’s nothing personal! He has good intentions; he just gets a little carried away sometimes. Anyway, do you have a minute? There are some settings that he might be able to help you with—like how you’re probably seeing “Google” instead of “Apple” at the top of this page right now!

To get rid of him: tap on the Settings app from your home screen (or in any folder), then scroll all the way down until you see the last entry: “Safari.” Tap on that, and finally look for the “Search engine” option and tap it. By default, the box is set to Google; just tap the button next to that so that a line through it appears—then type in Yahoo instead. You can also search Bing or DuckDuckGo this way if you like!

Apple has been collecting your searches as part of its new Spotlight Search feature since iOS 8, which makes them easier for Siri to integrate with. The only reason Apple’s doing this is because they want you to find things on your phone more easily—they don’t care what kind of search provider you use. And using Google as your search provider really isn’t any different than letting Google collect your location data or contacts information when you let Maps access them (don’t worry, Apple encrypts that data).

But if you don’t trust Google or just prefer Yahoo (or another search provider) to cover your bases—because you may have something important in a message from them or photos of you and your family members at their house—then by all means make the switch! You’ll need to delete a few things once you do, but it’s really not bad. And here’s why:

How do I delete Google Maps app from my iPhone?

1. On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch,
2. Open the Google Maps app.
3. Tap your account icon.
4. Tap Settings Map History.
5. Find an entry to delete.
6. Then tap the mode icon

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