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How do I delete my 5 miles account?


  1. Tap on ‘Settings’
  2. Tap on ‘Account’
  3. Tap on ‘Delete Account’

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How do I delete my 5 mile account?

You may deactivate your 5miles account by going to the Help Center at https://5miles.com/info/helpCenter or emailing us at [email protected], though you must do so within 30 days of changing your password.

How does Uconnect miles work?

Miles is a frequent-flyer program that covers all modes of transportation, such as automobile, plane, train, subway, bus, boat, bicycle, and foot. The more environmentally friendly the method of transport is, the more points you will earn.

How do you use the miles app?

The Mile app must be downloaded from the app store or GooglePlay in order to use it. Create an account. Then give Miles access to your location. You have the option of allowing it to run only while the program is open or allowing it to operate all the time, and it will keep track of how many miles you travel.

What is the Mile app?

Miles is a cross-platform rewards software that allows users to collect miles for all types of transportation without having to participate in any other programs. The Miles app goes beyond airline miles, credit card points, and traditional prize pools. For every means of transportation between two places, we give you miles instead of points.

Are LandMiles safe?

Your personal information is kept in secure cloud servers with firewalls to prevent leaks. LandMiles is a worldwide loyalty program that seeks collaboration with merchants to create a platform where users can earn loyalty points without spending money.

Is the miles app legit?

The Miles app, according to us, is a trustworthy platform that rewards you for keeping track of your everyday activities. Their discount codes and promotional offers are valid and apply to both online and in-person purchases. The location tracking technology in the Miles app may be frightening, but it does not misuse your data.

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