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How do I delete my Amazon account from my Iphone?


Sign in to the Amazon account you want to close. Review which products and services are attached to your account. If you still wish to proceed with closing your account, select a reason from the drop-down menu, tick the box next to Yes, I want permanently delete my data and click Close My Account

How to Delete Amazon Account Permanently

I know I can go to amazon.com and log out, but the next time I open my Amazon app on my iphone it automatically logs me in using the account that I don’t want anymore. Please help/advise! Thank you!

The best way is to make a new account under your computer and then download the iPad app again with new information or delete all of them from your phone and redownload them afresh. Then you will be able to use any account you wish to use on your iPhone. Kindly let me know if this was helpful for you?

How do i find deleted orders for my kindle fire?

Sorry I do not understand the question. It has nothing to do with apps, so I’m guessing you are talking about ebooks. If this is the case there are a few different ways to get them onto your Kindle Fire: 1. Buy E-Books from Amazon’s website and have them delivered wirelessly to your Kindle Fire. 2. Transfer Personal Documents from Your Computer via USB 3. Download free e-books from websites like Project Gutenberg 4. Upload e-books from other sources such as your computer or other devices using one of the methods in #2 above and then convert them for use on your Kindle Fire by using a service like Calibre or via the Kindle’s conversion utility. If you are looking for more help on this please answer this question as clearly as possible.

I want to know if Amazon has an app that can be used with iPad,iphone and android?

Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free, 10.1 1080p Full HD Display, 32 GB is my best advice so far and it is perfect for what you need. Check it right now! – Tabtimes Hi there! Thank you for your interest in our product! Unfortunately we do not provide apps for any other operating system but Android at the moment – however, you can use the Kindle Reader web app to read your books.

How to Permanently Delete Your Amazon Account

I want to download novellas onto my kindle but the only option I have is epub format. Can I convert them to a suitable format?

It depends on what file they are in now and what program you’ll be using to do it. If you’re running Windows then Calibre might work for that conversion, I’m not sure though since I don’t run Windows so please check there first if you plan on doing this with Calibre. Also Office of some kinds has an Add-In called MSReader that will convert eBook formats besides just reading them so maybe Word or Excel would work for converting them as well, also you can use Amazon’s Kindle Previewer or K4PC to read other formats of files other than just Kindle ones.

I have a kindle account on my daughter’s IPad. The problem is that she shares it with my son and now they want an IPhone app for their iPod touch too but want separate accounts. How do I get the app downloaded into their individual devices?

Hello, This should be quite possible: Once you’re in your Amazon Account click on “Manage Your Content and Devices” there you’ll be able to see which device is registered with this account. Click on one of them (should turn green) then go to “Digital content” and select the item(s) you would like to move. Once you’ve selected them, click “Action” and select the “Transfer via PC”. Then copy the books to a folder on your computer (be sure that it’s not read only). Now log out of your Amazon Account. You should now see an empty device registration in the Manage Your Content and Devices screen. Click on “Deregister” – this will deregister this Kindle from your account. Create a new one with the same account details as before and register the device again. Log back into your account again and download all of your books onto your laptop once more. Then copy all of these files onto the Kindle (same directory where you copied them) using Windows Explorer or whatever file explorer is available on Android/iOS devices. Then log out from the account again and register your Kindle device with your new Amazon Account. Now you should have separate profiles for each of your children and can see which books are on there and download them independently. Please double check this to make sure it worked – if the books aren’t visible on a child’s Kindle then try logging out once more, deregistering it again and creating a new account.

I just got my kindle last week, but I am already having problems turning pages on book downloads… How do I fix it?

There were some problems with people getting stuck on certain screens while trying to conqest obstacles in games like Cut the rope etc., but those issues seem to be fixed now so please go to the settings menu and tap “Restart” to reset your Kindle. If this won’t work, please contact Amazon’s customer service or visit an Amazon store for further support.

hi all am trying to get books on my kindle from outside australia ,my credit card is with nz bank in auckland ,can someone tell me how i do it thanks …..paul…

First of all you can only buy books if your Kindle has Wi-Fi connection since there are no CDMA carriers to provide 3G data access in Australia (you need either Telstra, Optus or Vodafone). Then go to any major web browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer etc., login into your existing account at amazon.com and choose your books, add them to the shopping cart and then check out (you might also have to change the shipping country to “United States”). Once you’ve paid for your books with credit card or an existing gift voucher just download them from Manage Your Kindle page on Amazon into library of your Kindle device and start reading. If you’re still having problems please do contact Amazon’s customer service

I posted a question here three days ago about not being able to connect my kindle fire hd 8 2016 model up to my network at home… Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Thank you so much!

I’m not sure how you’re connected but the Kindle has Wifi and Bluetooth wireless network adapters. If you can’t connect to your Wi-Fi network, try looking for other Wi-Fi networks nearby (you might need to switch it off first). Another thing is that if your kindle cannot detect any networks then maybe there’s a problem with the adapter since both of them are provided by Amazon and if one doesn’t work properly then most likely neither will the other. Please see this guide on how to troubleshoot connectivity problems with Kindle Fire.

I have a kindle fire and it will not allow me to connect to Facebook or email… why does this keep happening? I am on my second kindle. That’s why I bought another one because the first one did the same thing . yes, they were both refurbished at half price and when I buy anything refurbished I expect it to happen.. so do you have any suggestions of what could be wrong with this one and how can I fix it?

Unfortunately newer Kindle devices are not compatible with older versions of Kindle for PC software (which was required to access Cloud). You need either a Windows computer (Win 7+) or a Mac with OS X 10.8+ installed in order to sign into your Amazon account on your Kindle. Please do install the latest version of Kindle software at amazon.com/freekindleapps and try again with a computer that’s connected to the same network as your kindle (Wi-Fi or 3G). If you want to use desktop computer instead of cell phone, please download Amazon Cloud reader which is a stand-alone app that allows you to read ebooks from any web browser without installing any additional software.

How do I delete my Amazon account from my Iphone?

Sign in to the Amazon account you want to close. Review which products and services are attached to your account. If you still wish to proceed with closing your account, select a reason from the drop-down menu, tick the box next to Yes, I want permanently delete my data and click Close My Account

Can I delete my Amazon Prime account?

To cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, sign in to your account and select Prime Membership. Then, go into Update, cancel membership and more under the Membership heading.

What happens if I delete my Amazon account?

If you delete your Amazon account, it will not affect any of the Kindle content or digital music that was linked to that account. Additionally, all gifts and credits from the deleted account will be preserved for other people to use instead.

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