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How do I delete my child’s Fitbit account?


  1. Tap the Today tab , and tap your profile picture.
  2. Tap My Family.
  3. Under your child’s name, tap Switch to Kid View.

How to delete your Fitbit account | ways to erase your fitbit account

How to Delete a Fitbit Device From Your iPhone/Android Phone

Write a brief about Fitbit and how it can be a great tool for kids with autism. It can be used to track your child’s activity, sleep habits and more! Fitbit has also been shown to help children with autism learn the importance of routine and accountability. Learn how do I delete my child’s Fitbit account?

Every parent is looking for a way to help their child with autism grow and develop. Fitbit for kids has proven to be a great tool that can help out parents in this area, as well as increase the amount of activity your child gets per day. Since children with autism have difficulty learning routines, accountability and learn from positive reinforcement – they can use these tools as a guide to help them perfect their behavior. In fact, studies show that being able to track the data from one’s physical fitness has been shown to reduce aggressive behaviors, increase social interaction and provide more opportunity for goal setting within children with autism spectrum disorder.

Yes, you will need to delete the child account on Fitbit and create a new account. Here’s how:

1. Log into your Fitbit account and select “Manage devices” from the navigation bar at the top of the page

2. Look for the device that is labeled with your child’s name and click “Unregister”. You may need to enter an unlock code or password on some devices. If so, type in you password.

3. Once unregistered, you’ll see a message reassuring about this process

4. Follow the instructions on Fitbit’s site to create a new account for your child.

5. Be sure to create a new and separate account for your child and delete the old one.

6. You should then be able to add that child’s Fitbit device through the “Manage devices” area of your site.

How do I delete my Fitbit account online?

Select the fitbit.com website and log in. Select the gear icon in the top right corner, then Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and choose Delete Account.

How do I delete a Fitbit One account?

Open your Settings app. Tap your profile picture on the Today tab. Select the device you want to delete by tapping it with your finger or deleting it using the trash can icon. Follow the on-screen steps to remove the gadget from your account

How do I find my child’s Fitbit account?

Log in to your Fitbit account with the trackers nearby. Tap your profile picture on the Today page to get there. Select My Family from the drop-down menu beneath your kid’s name. Switch to Kid View by tapping under the name of your child.

How do I stop my kids from messaging on my Fitbit?

Log in to your Fitbit account. Tap your profile photograph on the Today screen. Choose My Family > the name of your child. Switch to Kid View by tapping the device tile next to your kid’s photo. To turn off call notifications, go to Settings > Notifications & alerts and find the option labeled Call notifications .

Can 2 Fitbits be on the same account?

You may now use one tracker for everyday wear and another for workouts thanks to Multi-Tracker Support. Fitbit takes care of all the heavy lifting once you’ve linked several trackers to an account.

How do you change Fitbit to family?

From the dashboard, tap either Dashboard or Accounts. The Account screen displays after you select Create Family Account. SelectnCreate a new family account. The app presents a quick overview of the family account. Choose to Create a New Family to start a new family and assign yourself as the primary guardian.

What is a family account on Fitbit?

With a Fitbit family account, parents may restrict who their children communicate with and what information they see in the Fitbit app, allowing them to maintain their kids’ privacy while keeping track of their activity. The Fitbit family account is now accessible on Android version 2.72 and iOS version 2.51.

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