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How do I delete my employer account on indeed?


  1. open your Indeed homepage.
  2. Click on your email address on top right.
  3. Click my account.
  4. Click close my account.
  5. Click ok to confirm.

How to delete account from indeed

How to delete indeed account

How do I delete my resume from Indeed?

It’s also possible to make your resume more searchable or make it entirely private at any moment. Click the ‘delete resume’ option in the edit privacy settings area to remove your CV.

Can I delete my application on Indeed?

Does not enable consumers to cancel or modify applications that have already been submitted unless an employer provides the option. Because of this, it’s critical to double-check your application and correct any mistakes before submitting it to the company.

How do I delete a company from Indeed?

Click on the Reviews tab at the top of the Company Page. Find your review and click the Delete button to remove it from Indeed.

How do I delete my Jobactive account?

Fill in the form on jobactive.gov.au/jobseekers/provider/optout to opt out or transfer your details. Call 1800 314 677 for assistance. If your preferred provider is available, we will direct you to them.

Is it bad to withdraw a job application and reapply?

If you withdraw your application, you will not be able to resend it. You can only reactivate your original application again. Once you’ve applied for a job opening, the resume and cover letter linked with that position cannot be altered.

Is it bad to withdraw a job application?

The good news is that candidates withdraw from job applications all the time, and if done with respect and efficiency, a withdrawal isn’t necessary negative repercussions for your career as a whole.