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How do I delete my Facebook account on the Facebook app?


  1. Launch the Facebook iOS app.
  2. Tap on the hamburger icon.
  3. Tap on Settings & Privacy, then Settings.
  4. Choose Account Ownership and Control.
  5. Tap Deactivation or Deletion.
  6. Follow the prompts to delete your account.

Delete Facebook Account Forever

What happens when I delete my account?

If you delete your Facebook account: Your profile will be removed from public view –– meaning it won’t be listed in search results and friends can’t see it. You’ll be able to reinstate your account after 90 days , but your name may show up as “Name (deleted).” In the meantime, photos you’ve been tagged in will continue to appear on Facebook unless someone removes them or tags you in a new one. Posts that were made by others with your name attached or similar names will still appear on Facebook until after you delete your account. You’ll also no longer be able to create new content, such as posts or photos.

If I delete my profile, is that reversible?

Yes, if you change your mind about deleting your profile and want to reinstate it within 90 days , just visit Forgot account? (You’ll need to enter your email address here first.) If you don’t want others to see your timeline after you close or deactivate an account: When possible, we recommend notifying friends and family directly so they can take steps to download a copy of any data that may belong to them.

I want to use Messenger to delete my account. How do I do so?

Login with your Facebook credentials. Click the menu icon in Messenger and select Settings. Navigate to “Other” in the left menu, then click on Delete My Account and follow the instructions on screen.

Why was my account disabled?

People signing up for new accounts must provide accurate information, so we can verify they are real people with genuine identities. When you sign up for a new Facebook account, if we find that the information you provided is inaccurate or incomplete, it may result in your account being disabled temporarily until you provide accurate and complete information. You will still be able to access features on Facebook while your account is disabled. To start using Facebook again:
Sign into your Facebook profile If you don’t have a profile, please create one at http://www.facebook.com After signing in, click the question mark icon at the top of any page to see more options Select ‘Why was my account disabled?’ and follow the instructions on screen