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How do I delete my Facebook ad permanently?


Select the Deactivate Ad Account link below the Ad Agency header. A window will open asking you to confirm the deactivation. Click Deactivate Ad Account in the bottom-right corner of the window when you’re ready.

How to Remove/delete facebook business manager permanently?

How To Permanently Delete Facebook Account

Why can’t I delete my Facebook ad account?

Facebook doesn’t allow you to delete your ad account. You can, however, deactivate it. Deactivating your account will remove all of the information in it and make it inaccessible to others.

How do I delete my Facebook ad account?

Deactivating your Facebook ad account is a simple process.
To deactivate your Facebook ad account, go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/. You will need to log in with your Facebook account credentials to access the page.
Once you are logged in, click on “Deactivate my account” at the bottom of the screen.

Does deleting an ad delete the post Facebook?

No. Deleting an ad does not delete the post from Facebook.

Where is the ads manager on Facebook?

The ads manager on Facebook is a tool that helps advertisers create and manage their ads. The ads manager can be found in the top right corner of the Facebook page.

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