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How do I delete my hangout account permanently?


  1. Open the Hangouts app .
  2. Tap Menu.
  3. Next to your account, tap the Down arrow .
  4. Tap Manage Accounts Google. [your Google Account].
  5. At the top right, tap More. Remove account.

How to delete/remove a account via/in hangouts 

How to delete hangouts contacts 

What happens if I delete Hangouts app?

This is an app cause no negative effects on a rooted device, and it can be removed or installed at any time without any adverse effect to the android device.

Is it safe to use Hangout app?

Hangouts is safe to use. You can help protect yourself and your information by only using Hangouts to communicate with people you know and trust.

Can I delete Hangouts app?

If you cannot delete the preinstalled Hangouts app, you can either sign out of it or use a different messenger.

How do I permanently delete Hangouts from my iPhone?

Find the Hangouts app on your device. Hold down the Hangouts icon until it starts to wiggle. Remove the Hangouts app by tapping Remove in the top left corner of the icon.

What happens if I delete Hangouts?

You can remove the Hangouts app from your phone or switch to another messaging software. If you accidentally remove Hangouts from your device, you may reinstall it.

Can I delete hangouts if I have Google chat?

If you’ve used Hangouts before, the fact that it’s built into your Google account means there’s no way to remove it without deleting your Google account as a whole. If you don’t want to go through with this, though, you have a few choices for reducing the extent of your Hangouts presence.

Is Hangouts safe to use?

Is Google Hangouts Safe? Is it safe to use Google Hangouts? Yes, Google hangouts is completely safe to utilize. To maintain privacy and security, all of your communications are encrypted using Google hangouts. With all of the available communication methods on Google hangouts, you’re secure.

Can I safely uninstall hangouts?

You may remove Google Hangouts from your Android device if you downloaded it from the Google Play Store. You can remove Google Hangouts if it was pre-installed on your Android device; however, you won’t be able to completely uninstall it. It is not possible to entirely uninstall Google Hangouts if Google Hangouts was pre-installed on your Android

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