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How do I delete my IMVU account on my phone?


  1. Go to the account closing page of IMVU. You need to log in if you’re not logged in.
  2. Enter the password in the Delete Account page and click Continue.
  3. Now your IMVU account deletion process is complete.
  4. You’ll get confirmation mail about account termination.

IMVU: How To Delete Your Account


How do you delete an IMVU account?

IMVU does not allow you to delete your account. You can, however, deactivate your account and leave it inactive for a year.

Is IMVU a safe game?

IMVU is a virtual world with an online community of people who create and interact with each other through their avatars. It is a safe environment, but it can be a dangerous place if you allow yourself to be influenced by the attitudes and behaviors of others.

How long is an IMVU account disabled for?

If an account is found to be violating the Terms of Service, it will be disabled. There are many reasons why an account may be disabled, but the most common reason is due to the account having been reported for inappropriate behavior. When an account is disabled, it will not be able to log in and use IMVU services.

How do I delete my IMVU account from my Apple ID?

If you want to delete your IMVU account from your Apple ID, you will need to use the “Delete Account” link in the Settings menu. This will delete your account and all of its content.

How do you change your username on IMVU?

To change your username on IMVU, go to “My Profile” and click on “Edit Profile.” Change the username field to the desired name.

Is IMVU safe for 12 year olds?

IMVU is a virtual reality world where users can create an avatar and interact with other avatars. There are many different chat features that allow for communication between users, but IMVU does not have any age restrictions.
I would say that if your 12-year-old is mature enough to use the app, then they are probably mature enough to use it safely.

How do I delete my 2021 IMVU account?

The best way to delete an account would be to contact customer service and ask them to remove your account.

How old should you be to play IMVU?

IMVU is a virtual world where people can create their own avatar and meet other players. The age requirement for IMVU is 13 years or older.

What does IMVU stand for?

IMVU stands for “Instant Messaging and Voice over Internet Protocol.

Is IMVU a dating site?

IMVU is not a dating site. It is an online interactive world where you can create an avatar to interact with other people’s avatars.

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