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how do i delete my itunes library and start over?


To delete your iTunes library and start over:

  1. Open iTunes and click on the Library tab.
  2. Click on the Organize tab and select “Delete Library.”
  3. A confirmation window will appear. Click on “Delete.”
  4. iTunes will close and your library will be deleted.
  5. Reopen iTunes and click on the File tab.
  6. Select “New Library.

how do i delete my itunes library and start over

How to delete all songs in your iTunes music library

How do I delete my entire Apple music Library and start over?

To delete your entire Apple Music Library and start over, follow these steps:
Open the Music app.
Tap on the Library tab.
Tap on the Edit button in the top-right corner.
Tap on the Delete button next to each album, playlist, or artist that you want to delete.
When you’re finished, tap on the Done button in the top-right corner.

How do I clear my iTunes Library?

To clear your iTunes Library, you need to delete the files from your computer. To do this, go to your computer’s file system and delete the files located in the following folders:
iTunes Media
iTunes Library.itl
iTunes Library.xml
iTunes Music
iTunes Movies
iTunes TV Shows
Then empty your trash can.

How do you delete and rebuild iTunes Library?

If you want to delete your entire iTunes Library and rebuild it from scratch, you can do so by following these steps:
1) Quit iTunes
2) Go to the following folder on your computer:
Macintosh HD/Users/USERNAME/Music/iTunes
3) Delete the entire “iTunes” folder
4) Re-launch iTunes
5) The iTunes Library will be rebuilt automatically

What happens if I delete my iTunes Library?

If you delete your iTunes Library, you will lose all of your music, videos, and other content.

How do I reset my Apple music library on my Mac?

To reset your Apple music library on your Mac, you’ll need to delete the library file and then re-import all of your music. To delete the library file, open Finder and navigate to the Music folder. Then, drag the “Apple Music” folder to the Trash and empty the Trash. Next, re-import your music by opening iTunes and selecting File > Add Folder to Library. Navigate to the Music folder on your Mac and select it.

How do I delete all downloaded music from iTunes on Mac?

To delete all downloaded music from iTunes on a Mac, open iTunes and go to Preferences. In the Preferences window, click the Advanced tab and then click the Delete button under the iTunes Media folder location.

Can I delete old iTunes libraries?

Yes, you can delete old iTunes libraries. Deleting an iTunes library will delete all of the music, movies, TV shows, and other content that was in the library. If you want to keep your content, you can move it to a different location before deleting the library.

How do I start a new iTunes library?

To start a new iTunes library, you’ll need to create a new folder on your computer. This is where your new library will live. Then, open iTunes and select File > Library > Import Playlist. Navigate to the folder where you created your new library and select Choose. iTunes will import all of your playlists into your new library.

Can I delete iTunes Music folder?

Yes, you can delete the iTunes Music folder. However, doing so will delete all of the music that you have downloaded or imported into iTunes. If you want to keep your music, you can move it to a different location on your computer.

How do I delete my Apple music library 2021?

To delete your Apple Music library, open the Music app and go to your Library. Tap on the three lines in the top left corner and select Delete iCloud Music Library. Confirm by selecting Delete again.

Can I delete previous Music libraries on Mac?

Yes, you can delete your previous music libraries on Mac. To do this, open Finder and select Go > Home from the menu bar at the top of your screen. Then, open the Music folder and drag the old music library to the Trash.

Do I need previous iTunes Libraries folder?

No, you don’t need the previous iTunes Libraries folder. If you want to back up your iTunes Library, you can copy the iTunes folder to another location.

What are the iTunes library files?

The iTunes library files are a collection of files that contain information about the music, movies, and TV shows that are stored in your iTunes library. These files are used by iTunes to keep track of your library’s contents and to help you manage your library.

What happens when you Create a new iTunes library?

When you create a new iTunes library, all of your music, videos, and other content is copied from your old library to the new one. Your old library is not changed in any way.

Can I have two iTunes libraries?

Yes, you can have multiple iTunes libraries on your computer. To create a new library, open iTunes and go to File > Library > Create New Library. You can then choose to either copy your current library to the new library or create a new library from scratch.

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