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How do I delete my Marco Polo account?


  1. To delete your Marco Polo account.
  2. Go to the app and select ‘Menu’.
  3. Select ‘Settings ‘Privacy Settings’ Delete Account’.

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How do I permanently delete Marco Polo?

To delete Marco Polo, go to the app store and click the “Delete” button.

Does deleting Marco Polo app delete account?

No. You will need to delete your account by logging into the app and clicking on “Delete Account” under your profile.
The answer is no, deleting the Marco Polo app does not delete your account.

Can people see deleted Marco Polo?

Yes, people can see deleted Marco Polo. The only way to completely remove the app is by deleting it from your device and uninstalling it.

Do Marco Polo videos go away?

Marco Polo videos are a new type of video that disappear after 24 hours. This is a way for the creators to make money from advertisements.

How long do videos stay on Marco Polo?

Marco Polo is a video-sharing service that allows users to upload and watch videos. Videos on the site are deleted after a period of 30 days or longer if they have been viewed less than 100 times.

What happens when you delete a Marco Polo?

If you delete a Marco Polo, it will be removed from your account and you will no longer have access to it. You can also remove a Marco Polo from your library by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the app and selecting “My Library.

How can I get my old Marco Polo account back?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to retrieve your old Marco Polo account.

How do I delete contacts on Marco Polo?

On the Marco Polo app, you open up the “Contacts” section and then tap on “Delete”. You can also go to your phone’s Settings and delete all of your contacts there.

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