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How do I delete my Netflix history on Xbox one?


  1. Click on “Your Account and Help”.
  2. Click the “Cancel Account” link.
  3. Read the terms of your account’s cancellation and follow the directions given by the website.

Q: How do I delete movies that play on how does my chrome history to show up on xbox one?

A: Go to your account. And then click in the top right corner of the screen and go to “Netflix privacy settings”. Now you have all the options available for you! You can change it immediately or set a specific time when you would like your history to be deleted.

How do i get my friends list off xbox one if they are blocked? Are there any secret codes to bypass this issue? My friend is being really annoying and keeps messaging me and won’t leave me alone so now I want them gone from my friends list. Can anyone help? (This happens with profiles, as well.

A: No you need a code to do that, there are codes but they will mess with your account or delete friends, family and so on. Sorry!

How do i get my xbox account completely deleted off of my friend’s console? I’m trying to sell it and one of the things he wants is for his gamertag to be removed. It was purchased by somebody else who has long since stopped using it. On the new owner’s Xbox One screen that appears when you press the Home button, if he selects “Sign in” under My Games & apps, how would we go about getting rid of this person from our Friends list (which includes me) so that they can’t access anything without entering their gamertag?

A: You need to delete your Xbox LIVE account from the console, log into a different Xbox one and then your friend can make his own account. Good luck!

I purchased X1 when it was on sale in August 2015. I have been getting error 80070002 for over three months now..is there any solution or should I just return xbox one before warranty expires. It does not show any red ring of death but no online gaming at all either..it is always showing this error code for me..any help please!!

A: Have you tried resetting the router, modem and the xbox one itself? Seems like nothing else would work unless you do that stuff (If it’s not too late).

If you’re still having trouble reset the router, modem. The Xbox One should automatically connect to the Internet so check your settings and make sure that Internet is set up on the console.

I accidentally blocked my friend from sending messages on xbox live, how do I unblock him? We have many shared friends on our friends list which makes it even more difficult to figure out who I have blocked. He got 10 messages within 5 minutes and now they all won’t go through. Is there a way to block everyone without them knowing or any special codes that would work? How long after blocking someone am I safe before they can start messaging me again?

A: You could log onto your account online, and find the person you want to unblock. There should be a list of friends, or blocked users that are under your account. If it asks for a password, because your account was made on xbox live, then enter and it should bring up all the info on that person including if you have them blocked or not.

If you do not have an Xbox Live account, you could try to sign in with someone else’s profile which is also online to see if there’s a list of people who are blocked/unblocked.

I bought movie pass from walmart and when I’m trying to watch movies from my history they say error 504 how can i fix this? It’s making me so angry cause I bought 5 movie passes and I can’t watch any movies.

A: It must be an error on their end, have you tried to log out of the app and try again? If not try that, if you still are encountering issues then contact MoviePass on Twitter or Xbox live support for assistance.

I need to find a way to remove my current profile from my friend’s console because he wants me off his list so I can sell it. Is there a way/removal code for him to re-do this process? He recently did this with one of his previous consoles but I’m not sure how he went about doing it … could somebody help me out please? Thanks!

A: Simple solution is delete your xbox account from the console. Make another xbox live account and he can make his own gamertag on that console.

i forgot my password to change it i tried resetting it but i cant sign in because of technical difficulties so how do you get around this? a lot of things won’t let me put in my old one either any help?

A: I don’t think that system will let you add or change passwords, only reset them. But if there are other users for that 1 account then go into settings, accounts and family then delete those user names by pressing B at the control panel under your gamerpic. If you need more info about deleting an account watch this video here http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/features/delete-account.

I just purchased an Xbox one and the Kinect is set up, but when I turn on my console, the indicator lights keep flashing and nothing ever loads. It just continuously flashes and never turns off or advances to the next step of setting up the xbox one. What do I do? Is there something wrong with my Kinect? While holding down your left bumper & left trigger simultaneously for 10 seconds ( it may take more than 10 secs) then listen closely to your xbox & you’ll hear 3 consecutive tones (bonged), when you hear those sounds let go of both buttons relax then press them again as quickly as possible …..hope this works.

A: If it doesn’t work, you can contact Xbox support for assistance with this issue.

I am having trouble connecting my xbox one and the 360 controller to the pc with an adapter I purchased from Amazon. The green light on the adapter is flashing but both controls do not appear in devices or game controllers on my pc? How do I fix this?

A: You may have to turn your xbox/pc on first after turning them off press the connect button as soon as possible like right after they are turned off and try again that worked for me when mine wouldn’t work took a while but finally worked hope it helps!

How do I delete my Netflix history on Xbox one?

1. Click on “Your Account and Help”.
2. Click the “Cancel Account” link.
3. Read the terms of your account’s cancellation and follow the directions given by the website.

How do I delete my Netflix history on Xbox?

Navigate to your Xbox 360 console, sign in with your Netflix account, and change the parental controls from “Rated PG-13 or below” to “Rated G or Below.” Select Continue on Parental Control Setting and click Done. Sign out of Netflix then restart your Xbox 360 for this setting to take effect.

How do I delete my Netflix history on my phone?

On your Android or iOS device, go to the Continue Watching list on the Netflix app, then click the three dots on any entry. A sub-menu will pop up. Select the bottom option that says ‘Remove from row’.

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