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How do I delete my phone number from TikTok?


  1. Go To TikTok Settings.
  2. Click This.
  3. Go To Account & Profile Settings.
  4. Click Phone Number/Email.

We strictly go through the rules on both our apps and social media profiles to keep a check for such things. The moment we catch someone doing this, we block them from creating new accounts or using our service in any way (unless it is legal). We take action whenever there’s an issue reported by our users or industry experts too. For example, we took action when we were alerted by Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre (CEOP) about illegal usage of TikTok app and we helped law enforcement agencies stop child grooming on the platform.

TikTok is available in China now, how was the launch received?

Our app launched on 15th Jan and has been one of the top downloaded apps on iOS and Android. We even had to temporarily disable downloads as we were running out of space for new users. On an average day we have over 2 million concurrent sessions from China region alone. So that gives you a perspective of how popular TikTok is among Chinese internet users.

As for monetization strategy, our main revenue driver comes from ads within the community feed along with features such as Musical.ly’s lip-sync button which enables us to host more organic content directly on the platform itself. Everything else, like for example, viewer-uploaded content, is free to watch. The app allows full access to all users without any content restrictions or limitations.

How popular are Musical.ly stars in China?

One can expect the emergence of two major streaming platforms that offer similar features: one will be owned by Alibaba and will focus on short-form social media videos; and the other will be owned by Tencent and will focus on longer form videos like what we see on YouTube today. We believe both these platforms will coexist as they cater to different use cases and serve different targets. As for our community’s obsession with lip syncing, they’re very similar to dancing clips that we’ve been seeing on US-based apps like TikTok and Musical.ly.

If you look at the data we have today, well over 50% of our most engaged users is female. We’re extremely popular among teens in China, even celebrities are using it to share moments with their diehard fans. But when you look at the overall growth curve of the app, you can see that viewers from other age groups are also increasingly discovering and downloading TikTok as well. The growth stories we hear from followers across age groups show how they’ve bonded over shared interests such as music or dance. With this kind of community engagement and collections of shared interests within user groups, I think it’s inevitable to bring back the era of music videos once again.

How is the music industry responding to TikTok?

We have collaborated with numerous artists and labels in a bid to bring the best experience for our users. From promoting official videos from these partnerships, to displaying lyric videos of the popular songs that are used on TikTok, we’re constantly working towards creating an environment which can help our users discover new content easily. We’ve also partnered with big names like Sony Music Entertainment Japan, for example, in order to share daily artist-related content. The love and support we get from them has been incredible! I’m not sure how it compares internationally but this goes a long way in improving engagement rates among users and increasing app installs too. That being said, the numbers we see today shows a very promising outlook for the future.

What’s your opinion on ‘copyright-free music videos’ like those found on the GIF platform Tencent Video?

A lot of our content is user generated, again, like in Musical.ly days, and people are really passionate about sharing their experiences with fellow users as they go through their daily lives: whether that be dance routines, singing along to their favorite songs and so on. As you can expect, music is a huge part of this community – there’s no barrier between what we used to call “reality” (being filmed) and social media handles (sharing with viewers). Music has always been at the core of the world of livestreaming. It’s true that dedicated players like Tencent Video are also creating content around music and leveraging on the in-app discovery feature to promote user-generated content but this is different from TikTok as we have a very close relationship with artists, labels and publishers.

How is Musical.ly dealing with the challenge of copyright infringement?

This has been a common question that we receive from people working in creative industries and believe me when I say that it pains us to hear how some of our users use our platform for such activities. But at the same time, we do realize that any solution to these concerns cannot be easily implemented without disrupting the overall experience on the app itself – something we’re not entirely comfortable with. That’s why we continue to work with partners like Sony Music Entertainment Japan and encourage them to share original content on our platform. We also partner with third-party vendors who monitor the activities of users for us, in an attempt to minimize instances where people abuse our artist collaborations without permission.

What are some of TikTok’s monetization efforts?

We have one major source of revenue at this moment: advertising. Although it hasn’t been easy, we’ve managed to grow advertising from zero to more than 25% as per today without disrupting our overall user experience – something that has proven extremely hard for others in the space and is considered a benchmark by many in the industry today. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways for creators to monetize their content. We’re working on ways to help them understand what works for different types of creators and improve the user experience in each subsequent iteration.

How do you prevent inappropriate/mature content from appearing on TikTok?

We have a number of community rules which users should abide by but it is very difficult to predict what may or may not go wrong. With the use of machine learning, we are able to detect such instances when they happen and take proactive actions against them – whether that be delete video or block any suspicious accounts involved etc. We employ this technique across many other areas including removing spams, detecting fake views/likes, protecting user privacy and so much more. A big part of our engineering team works on solving these problems and improving our proactivity for handling them.

What do you think is the future of social media? Is it all gonna be inside your phone or will we still need to go back to a website/browser?

It really depends on what type of content you’re talking about. The definition (and distinction) between “social” and “media” has become increasingly blurred over time – from Facebook’s evolution as a social network into more of a mobile-first platform, making use of native ads in the News Feed (which is arguably considered media), Messenger etc., to Twitter’s introduction of live video that initially started out as an experiment but now plays an integral part in their engagement strategy. Some people even use social media platforms like WhatsApp to view news – which in a way can also be considered as content delivered through the browser.

That said, I do think we will eventually see all content coming from an app itself and not necessarily from a third-party website/browser. The challenge then lies with the developers of these apps in figuring out how to monetize their platforms while keeping the overall user experience intact (which is why I mentioned TikTok’s advertising strategy). This process is definitely not going to happen overnight but it’s something we’re always looking at closely and working towards ourselves.

How do I delete my phone number from TikTok?

1. Go To TikTok Settings.
2. Click This.
3. Go To Account & Profile Settings.
4. Click Phone Number/Email.

How can I delete my TikTok account without phone number?

On the home screen, tap on your profile icon near the bottom right corner. Next, tap on three vertical dotted lines in the top right corner. Under Account Management, scroll down and select Delete account from the list of options at the bottom

Can you have 2 TikTok accounts with the same phone number?

Eligible users can also register a restricted account to give their children (or anyone under the age of 18-years old) the ability to browse in a safe environment, without access to any personal information.

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