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How do I delete my PhonePe history?


Replace ‘log in to your PhonePe account’ with ‘go to the transactions page’.Delete ‘visit Transaction History page’. Add “Click on delete transaction” after appearing.

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Let’s start by saying that you can delete your PhonePe account and we’ll tell you how to do that in this article. We’ve written it from an Android phone, but the steps are similar for Windows and iOS (iPhone). If you’re on a desktop or laptop, first download our app from the Google Play store on your phone.

Open the PhonePe app and tap on ‘Profile’ at the bottom right of the screen, then press settings > payment methods > Add payment method. You’ll see your details under Primary details if you have multiple bank accounts linked to one card on PhonePe. Select Delete Card & Link to create a new primary account or long hold Add later and choose Edit if you want to link another card.

You can now delete your phone number from your account by tapping on the menu icon (three vertical dots) at the top right corner > Settings & Privacy and then tap Delete My Phone Number. Enter your password at the next screen and tap OK.

Now you’re ready to delete your entire PhonePe account, so go back a step in settings and press Delete Account under PhonePe Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. Enter your password again and tap Yes, delete my phone account and confirm once more with an ‘OK’. Don’t worry – if you change your mind or want to come back later, you’ll be able to reinstate your account ID or phone number for free within 30 days of deletion.

In case you think we’ve missed out on any steps in this article, check our FAQs section or write to us at [email protected]. You can also call customer service on +918050086044 from Mon-Fri, 7:00 am-11:30 pm and Sat, 9 am-8 pm IST for assistance with your account or phone number deletion.

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Are there other ways I can delete my PhonePe history?

PhonePe has taken the privacy of its users very seriously and given them multiple options to control their data across all touchpoints i.e. the app, mWeb browser as well as on desktop versions of Google Chrome & Firefox browsers when you make payments online. Here’s a look at the other ways we’ve given you control:

You can log out of your PhonePe account by tapping on your profile photo in the top right corner and then on Logout from the drop-down menu. This will not delete your data but it will remove it from mWeb (mobile Web) access or desktop Google Chrome & Firefox versions of our app while you’re logged out i.e. when you visit merchant websites that have the PhonePe icon next to their address on your browser, you won’t be able to use PhonePe for processing payments during this time. In case, you wish to continue using the mobile web or desktop app, just sign back into your account via the PhonePe app itself.

You can switch off mWeb access for your PhonePe account by tapping on the profile photo in the top right corner of the app and then go to Settings > Payment Methods > (the name of your card) > mWeb Enabled. Here, you’ll see a toggle button on mobile and a checkbox on desktop versions of our app. Just slide it to ‘Off’ or uncheck it to turn mWeb payments off completely. We’ve also given you an option to enable this after login if you log out from your phone as well as when you require for online transactions on desktop Chrome & Firefox browsers where we don’t have a direct payment option yet i.e. PPI (Pre Paid Instruments). However, you can still make payments to merchants directly on mWeb without signing in. To do so, download our app from the Google Play store or the App Store and then select ‘Log Out’ on the App home page to access mWeb payments.

Our desktop versions of PhonePe for Google Chrome & Firefox browsers don’t have an option for logging out, but we don’t track your activity after you sign out of your account. So once you’re logged out of your account on phonepe.com or phonepeapp.com, we delete all session-related information from these browsers (this is not true for mobile apps) and remove any reference to it when you log back into your account later i.e. once you’re signed back in, we will not associate any payment with your profile. To sign out of the desktop version of PhonePe on Google Chrome or Firefox (as mentioned above), just click on your profile photo in the upper right corner and then select Sign Out from the drop-down menu.

What happens if I no longer want to use PhonePe?

If you choose not to use PhonePe anymore, you have a few options for deleting your account – 1) Deactivating your PhonePe account, 2) Closing your PhonePe account, or 3) Deleting your PhonePe account permanently i.e. removing all personal information from our servers. Here’s what each of these solutions means for your data:

When you deactivate your account, all your information is accessible to you through the ‘My Profile’ section of our app. This means that you can still access your transaction history (PPI or UPI), view / withdraw money and add a new number to PhonePe from this section but make no new payments. Your data will be available in this section only till the time you don’t choose to delete it permanently from our servers.

You can also close your PhonePe account by going to settings > privacy > close my account. Once you click on Close My Account, this action cannot be undone i.e. we automatically delete all data related to your account and block further access to your data. You can log back into mWeb payments after closing the account and make payments as usual but you’ll need to sign in again using your mobile number each time. Once you choose to close your PhonePe account, we delete all information related to it within 45 days of receiving your request.

If you’ve decided that you want us to delete all information related to your PhonePe account permanently, please contact [email protected] for us to start the process for permanent deletion (removal) of personal information from our systems immediately after receiving this request from you and send an acknowledgment email with details of your request. We are bound by applicable laws and government rules to retain records of our users’ financial transactions for 7 years from the date of transaction.

The process for permanent deletion (removal) will take up to 3-5 days after you sending us a request for this action as stated above so please ensure that you have the PhonePe app installed on your mobile device during this period or else we won’t be able to help you recover any data deleted from our servers. Once your account is permanently deleted, it’s gone forever i.e. there’s no way for you to retrieve a copy of data related to it if requested in the future but you’ll still be able to log back into mWeb payments using the same mobile number whenever required.

What happens if I delete my account?

Replace ‘log in to your PhonePe account’ with ‘go to the transactions page’.Delete ‘visit Transaction History page’. Add “Click on delete transaction” after appearing.

Where is the transaction history in PhonePe?

Although the Google Pay app offers a transaction history, you can check it much better in the Phone-Pe App. To view your transactions through your phone, open up the Phone-Pe app. For all of your records, you’ll be able to see them on this page when you click on “Transaction History.”

How does PhonePe use the data I share with it?

We deeply value our users and understand that they entrust us with their sensitive financial information which should only be used in accordance with their instructions. PhonePe promises to never sell user data. We keep users in the loop about what information we collect and how that information is used with their permission. You can find out more in our Privacy Policy here: https://www.phonepe.com/privacy-policy

What happens if I delete my phone number from my account?

If you choose to delete your phone number from your account, it would still be possible for you to transact using mWeb access or desktop app without logging into your account on our website/app but certain restrictions may apply i.e. you’ll need to log into your account after each transaction via phonepeapp.com or phonepe.com before making payments online to merchants who don’t have a direct payment option.

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