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How do I delete my Samsung account on my TV?


  1. Select Settings. select General.
  2. Select System Manager.
  3. Select Samsung Account.
  4. Select My Account .
  5. Select Remove Account. select Yes .
  6. Enter the password for the account that you want to remove and then press Done . Related Questions.

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Can I skip Samsung account on Smart TV?

You will have the option of creating or signing into your Samsung account at any time during setup. If you don’t want to create or log in to a Samsung account, simply click the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to skip this section. To use certain services or apps on your TV, you’ll need a Samsung account.

How do I delete an app from Samsung Smart TV?

Take a look at the following example, which details how to delete an app on the Samsung Smart Tv: Open the TV’s Home screen menu by pressing the Home button. After that, go to Apps and then choose the Settings icon in the upper right corner. Select your selected app next. Finally, hit Delete to confirm your deletion.

Does a factory reset remove Samsung account?

Factory resetting your phone is a quick, easy, and non-invasive procedure that may be used to bypass Samsung accounts in a variety of situations. However, this technique will remove all of your phone’s data; proceed with caution.

How do I delete my Samsung account if I forgot my password?

Visit the reset Samsung website directly to try and delete your Samsung account without a password. On your computer or mobile browser, go to the sign in page and select “Sign in.” Select “Forget ID” or “Reset password” below the sign-in option, then click on the link.

What is Samsung Account?

Your Samsung account is a free, cross-platform membership program that allows you to use Samsung products on smartphones, tablets, websites, TVs, and other devices. Use multiple Samsung services through your Samsung account without having to register for each one separately.

How do I logout of my Samsung account on all devices?

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone and choose Accounts & Backup > Accounts. Step 2: Look for Samsung account and Personal information under Scroll a little to find the Samsung account. This is where you may control all features of your Samsung account. Step 3: Tap the three-dot menu symbol and then Sign out.

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