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How do I delete my Spotify account on Android?


  1. Click Account.
  2. Click close account.
  3. Review your account.
  4. Click continue.
  5. Check the “I understand, and still want to close my account” box.

How To Delete Spotify Account On Mobile

To delete your account, you’ll need to close your Spotify app. After you’ve closed it, follow the steps below.

Go to Settings, and then tap Apps. Tap Search type: Spotify in the search bar at the top right of the screen. Tap Spotify from the list of apps on this page. Tap Force Stop. Select OK if prompted to confirm that you want to stop running the app and force close it. This will ensure that any data saved by Spotify will be wiped from your device’s memory. Closeout of Settings. Go back to one screen and open up Play Store again (using either an icon shortcut or going back through previous screens). Open up your Account History page by tapping on Account –> View my orders. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner. In this menu, select Delete account and follow the prompts to complete your request to delete your account from Spotify.

How do I delete my Spotify account on iOS?​

To delete your account, you’ll need to close your Spotify app. After you’ve closed it, follow the steps below:

Open up Settings. Select General –> Profiles & Device Management. Find the line that states Spotify AB or whatever company owns this such as Facebook, Google, etc…. Click on “X” next to each profile listed until they are all gone (often there is more than one). Now just go back into settings —> general —>Safari. Make sure all the music apps (which will state “music” in their description) are gone, they should be grayed out. Now open up Spotify and you’ll see a message along the lines of “Your account is deactivated, do you want to reactivate it?” —> click YES. Once this has happened close out of Spotify and goes back into settings again. Your Spotify profile will no longer show up in your device manager. Happy listening!

Note: If you deleted your account through Play/App Store or from within Spotify itself then it may still appear on the App/Play store but once logged into any other device then it will disappear. So just keep logging in to different devices until it’s gone.​

How do I restart Spotify?

Most issues with the app will be resolved by simply restarting it. The easiest way to do this is to open up your device’s multitasking view or task manager and swipe the Spotify app off-screen until you see a “restart” option.

If that doesn’t work, try force closing and reopening the app. You can also go into multi-tasking on Android devices (or double-tapping the home button on iOS devices) and long-pressing on Spotify. After a few seconds of holding down, and exit prompt will appear in the upper left corner of your screen. Tap on it, confirm that you want to shut down Spotify, then relaunch it.

Alternatively, you can go into Settings and force close the app by tapping on Apps. Then tap Spotify in the list that appears. Tap Force Stop and then tap OK to confirm that you want to stop running Spotify and force close it. This will ensure that any data saved by Spotify is wiped from your device’s memory.

How To Delete Spotify Account | 2021

How do I install the latest version of Spotify?

You can check for updates through these methods: For Android – Open up Play Store, click menu (Three vertical dots) —> Settings —> Auto-update apps. You may also select Check now to manually update Spotify when not using the Auto-Update feature. For iOS – Select Updates tab from App Store. You may also search for “Spotify” in the Updates tab if it does not appear and update Spotify.

For more info, please refer to the following article: https://support.spotify.com/article/How-do-I-update-Spotify/

I receive a “Device is not compatible” error every time I open up Spotify?

If you’ve noticed that you are getting this error after an update then go into your device’s settings –> Apps (or Application Manager) menu and force close the app by tapping on Spotify in the list that appears. When you relaunch it, you should see a message on the bottom of your screen stating that there was no internet connection available when opening the app; just press “Try Again” or “Continue”. You should be able to open up Spotify in just a few seconds afterward.

If you continue getting this error, it could be that your device is incompatible with Spotify, so check out this article for more info: https://support.spotify.com/article/Device-not-compatible-error/

I receive an ” Error Code (24) – Invalid arguments ” error message when launching the app on my Android device?

This issue can occur if Spotify is unable to access some files on your device’s internal storage due to insufficient permissions or missing applications. We recommend reinstalling the application from the Google Play Store and then resetting your phone settings and restoring data through backup onto your device if you have not done so recently. You might also want to check out the following articles in case you’re affected by other issues as well: https://support.spotify.com/article/Unable-to-install-or-open/ http://www.wikihow.com/Backup-and-Restore-Your-Android

I’m experiencing audio playback issues with Spotify on my device?

This is usually caused by a low volume output setting. You can try adjusting your output settings for your device’s sound card or speaker system (if applicable) to increase the volume at which it outputs sound and see if this fixes the issue. Please note also that third-party applications such as music players, video players, gaming apps, streaming apps, etc may interfere with Spotify applications if they are already running in the background; please quit them completely before launching Spotify and test again.

If you’re using a third-party application for real-time audio transcodings such as Music+ or attempting to stream music via Bluetooth, then this can also affect your ability to play Spotify through other audio systems or speakers connected to your device. Please make sure that these applications are not currently operating in the background whilst you attempt to use Spotify. In addition, if you experience any distortions when playing music over a wired headset connection on your device, disconnect it from the port and reinsert it back into its slot to see if this fixes the issue. Please refer to this article: https://support.spotify.com/article/Audio-issues/

I can’t find the equalizer on my iOS device?

Tap the <i> icon in your toolbar, then scroll down until you see Equalizer (iPhone and iPad) or Bass Boost (Android). You can also search for it inside Spotify by clicking your profile picture > Search tab.

For more info please check out this article: https://support.spotify.com/article/How-do-I-use-the-Spotify%C2%AE-equalizer/

I receive a “This feature is not available” error when trying to enable the Spotify service on Google Home?

Please restart your Google Home device by unplugging it from the power source and plugging it back in after 30 seconds. You can then launch the Google Home app and tap on the menu icon in the top right corner of your screen (three horizontal lines), go to More Settings > Services > Spotify Music, and toggle on the switch next to Spotify.

If you continue getting this error please check out this article for more info: https://support.spotify.com/article/Google-Home-Spotify-notification-error/

I’m experiencing playback issues with music via my DLNA speakers connected to a network?

Please try updating your device’s firmware if you haven’t done so recently, as older versions of firmware are not compatible with Spotify Connect functionality: http://www.sonos.com/downloads. If that does not help, check out this article here: https://support.spotify.com/article/Spotify-connect-speakers-not-working/

When I reopen the Spotify app on my device it displays an error?

This is usually caused by a pending update to your application which needs to be installed through Google Play Store or the App Store (as appropriate). Please try logging out of and back into Spotify if you continue seeing this error in question after restarting your device. In addition please make sure that you have turned off automatic updates for any applications including Spotify on Android devices before attempting to install them manually from their respective stores. You can do so by going into Settings > Applications > Application Manager and clicking on each app’s icon, choosing Updates from the menu, then choosing to disable automatic updates.

If you’re still having problems with Spotify after resetting your device please reach out to us at http://help.spotify.com/ or submit a request here: https://support.spotify.com/getsupport.

How can I get the Beats 1 live stream? You can find the official broadcast of all Beats One broadcasts on either Apple Music for iOS and macOS devices as well as Android devices running OS 4 or later via the Google Play Music app. An internet connection is required in order for Beats One to function properly. Streaming sessions may be pre-empted by scheduled events such as festivals or station programming; they are also unavailable when DJs are taking breaks.

How do I remove Spotify from my Android phone?

To uninstall Spotify: Go to Settings and tap on the Apps icon. Tap on Spotify and follow the prompts for deleting your account information and data. Finally, reinstall it after a few minutes to get a fresh, empty app to start with. Daniela

How do I permanently delete my Spotify account?

To delete your account, go to https://www.spotify.com/us/contact-us/?product account&closeAccount and click “I want to close my account.” Once you have confirmation that your account will be closed, Spotify can’t access any of the information about you or your activities within it.

How do I delete my Spotify account?

To close your Spotify account, go to the Contact Us page. Select Customer Service on the left side of the page. Click on Account at the top of this section. Then, click on Close Account at Permanently Close Account in This Section and follow the prompts.

Can I delete my Spotify account and make a new one?

You can have the old account deleted and create a new one using the same email address when the subscription becomes free.

Why was my Spotify account hacked?

It’s no surprise that one of the most common reasons for a hacked account on Spotify is because people used an old, easy password. To change your old password into a stronger one, go to Profile > Account > Change Password and type in your new strong password. After you enter it twice and your old password once, select “Set New Password”

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