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How do I delete my tax return from H&R Block?


H&R Block offers a service to delete your tax return for $24.99. You can also request this deletion by contacting H&R Block customer service at 1-800-472-5625, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.


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How do I delete my filed tax return?

You can delete your tax return by following these steps:
Log into the IRS website.
Select the “Secure Access” tab.
Enter your taxpayer ID, password, and date of birth.
Click on the “Secure Access” tab again.
Click on “Filing Information”.
Scroll down to “Previous Returns”.
Select the year you want to delete your return from the dropdown menu.

How do I delete my online taxes?

If you’re referring to your TurboTax account, you can delete it by going to your Account Settings. If you created a profile with the TurboTax website, then you would need to delete that profile from the website.

Can I redo my taxes on H&R Block?

If you are not happy with the results of your tax return, you can file an amended return. You will need to have a copy of your original tax return in order to do so.

What if H&R Block filed my taxes wrong?

H&R Block tax preparers are not allowed to file your taxes wrong. They are required to get a copy of the 1040 form from you, and then calculate your taxes based on that information.
If you think that H&R Block filed your taxes wrong, you should contact them directly.

How do I change my income tax return after submitting?

You can change your income tax return by following these steps:
Log into your account on the IRS website.
Click “Where’s My Refund?”
Select the appropriate year from the drop-down menu and enter any necessary information to update your return.

What if I put the wrong address on my tax return?

If you put the wrong address on your tax return, then you need to contact the IRS. You can do this by filling out Form 3911 and mailing it to the address listed on the form. This form will allow you to change your address with the IRS.

How do I cancel an amended tax return?

If you need to amend your tax return, you can do so by filling out a Form 1040X and submitting it with the appropriate documentation. You must file this form within 3 years of the date that you filed your original tax return or within 2 years of the date that you paid the tax, whichever is later.

Does H&R Block charge to amend?

H&R Block does not charge for amending tax returns, but there are some restrictions on who can amend their tax return. For example, if you have already filed your taxes and the IRS has contacted you, you will need to wait until the IRS has closed any audit before amending your taxes.