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How do I delete my TikTok account without logging in?


You may retrieve your old TikTok account without a password by logging in with your phone number. You will then receive a four-digit code via text message that you must input before you can log into your account. Alternatively, on the login screen, click Forgot password Phone number/Email and then follow the prompts.


How To Recover Tik Tok Account Without Phone Number Without Email

Does TikTok automatically delete inactive accounts?

What is TikTok’s Policy on Inactive Accounts? We urge users to use TikTok regularly after establishing an account on our site. If a user’s account has been inactive for 180 days or more, the username may be changed to a random number.

How do I delete my child’s TikTok account?

Tap Manage Account and follow the on-screen instructions. You must confirm that the account you wish to delete is yours, so you may need to sign in to a third party like as Google or add the phone number you used to register. After you’ve verified the account, you’ll be given a code with which you can delete it.

How do I access my old TikTok account?

Tap “Sign up” on the TikTok app after launching it. On the bottom of the screen, there is a banner that says “Already have an account?” with a “Login” option beneath it. nSelect “Use phone/email/username,” then log in using your account details.

Can you log into TikTok on two devices?

Yes, you can log into TikTok on two devices. You can also access TikTok on a computer while still signed into it on your smartphone. You won’t be logged out of your other device if you log in to TikTok on another device.

How do I find out what email I used for TikTok?

Go to your TikTok account and select the Settings & Privacy option. Manage Account is the option you’ll want to choose. Select Email from the drop-down menu. This is where you’ll see your email address if you’ve already linked it.

Does musically delete inactive accounts?

Is it possible to recover my musically account? What should I do if I lost access to my musically account? The Musical.ly app that you may have used in the past is no longer available, so your TikTok videos can no longer be seen on this platform.

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