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How do I delete my YouTube account but keep Gmail?


  1. On a computer, make sure you’re signed in to YouTube with the channel you want to delete. go to your advanced account settings.
  2. ​At the bottom, select Delete channel (you may see Delete content instead).
  3. Select I want to permanently delete my content.

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Can I delete YouTube but keep Google?

Yes, you can delete YouTube but keep Google. You will still have access to all of the other Google services including Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Drive.

How do I separate my YouTube account from Gmail?

Log into your YouTube account and go to the account settings. Once there, click on the “sign out of all other Google services” link. This will log you out of your Gmail account, but not delete it.
You can also do this by logging into your Gmail account, clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner, then clicking “account preferences.

How do I delete my YouTube account without deleting my Google account?

A YouTube account will not be deleted without deleting your Google account.

How do I remove my YouTube account from Google?

Unfortunately, you can’t delete your YouTube account from Google. You can only disable it.

How do I transfer my YouTube account to another email?

Go to YouTube’s account settings.
Click the link that says “Sign Out.”
Enter your email address and password.
Log in to your email account and follow the prompts to verify the transfer.

How do I change the email address associated with my Google account?

To change the email address associated with your Google account, log in to your account and go to “My Account” > “Personal info and privacy” > “Account settings”. On the left-hand side of the page, click on “Email” from the list of settings. You will be prompted to enter a new email address and confirm it.

How do I move my YouTube channel to another Google account?

If you have the channel creator’s permission, you can go to the channel’s settings and request a channel transfer. If you don’t have their permission, Google won’t allow it.

Are YouTube and Google connected?

No, Google and YouTube are not connected. Google owns YouTube.

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