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How do I do a mass delete of Gmail on my iPhone?


  1. Open Mail and go to your Inbox.
  2. Tap Edit in the upper-right corner, then tap Select All. Or individually select the emails that you want to delete.
  3. Tap Trash or Archive.
  4. If you only see Archive, touch and hold Archive to see other options like Trash Selected Messages.

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How do I delete thousands of emails in Gmail on my iPhone?

To select all of your emails, go to Select all of your conversations in the folder. To select all of the messages in a folder, choose Select all conversations in Folder from the drop-down menu next to Folder on the left side. To remove an email from Gmail, click its icon and then Delete it.

How do I delete thousands of emails in Gmail in mobile?

Select the emails with the checkbox to the right of the message list. If you have more messages than are displayed on the current page, click on the link Select all conversations that appears. To send all mails to Trash, click the delete button.

How do I bulk delete emails on my iPhone?

Tap, then go to your Inbox. Select them one by one or choose All to remove them from the list. Trash or Archive may be used as alternatives. If you only see Archive, touch and hold it until additional choices such as Trash Selected Messages appear onscreen.

How do I delete more than 50 emails in Gmail?

Delete All Your Emails In Gmail: Select The First 50 Messages From Your Gmail Inbox. To access your gmail account, click the blank box shown in the example below. Delete All of Your Emails from Gmail.

How do I select multiple emails in Gmail app on iPhone?

Tap the circle to the left of each email in the folder to pick it. By tapping the “Load More Messages” button at the list of emails’ button, you may add and select additional messages.

How do I delete emails in bulk?

You may remove many emails from a folder in one go, yet you will still have your unread or important emails for later. To pick and delete multiple emails in sequence, first click the first email, then hold down the Shift key while clicking the last email.

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