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How do I find my child’s scrapbook on Facebook?


  1. Go to your profile. click Photos below your cover photo.
  2. Click Albums. select your child’s scrapbook.

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Why can’t I see my child’s scrapbook on Facebook?

It’s possible that your Facebook account is private and that you don’t want people to see your scrapbook.

How do I access my kids scrapbook on Facebook?

To access your kids scrapbook on Facebook, you’ll need to go to the Facebook Settings tab and click on the “Who can see my stuff?” option. You’ll then be able to adjust what settings are available for your children.

Where is the scrapbook on Facebook?

The scrapbook is a private album on Facebook that you can create and share with your friends. You can upload photos and videos, as well as add captions and stickers to personalize your memories.

Are Facebook scrapbooks private?

Scrapbooks are private in the sense that they’re not publicly available on Facebook, but scrapbooks can’t be viewed by people who don’t have access to your Facebook account.

Can you still make a scrapbook on Facebook?

Yes, you can still make a scrapbook on Facebook. You can upload the photos to your account and then use the photo editing tools to create a scrapbook.

How do I unhide an album on Facebook?

To unhide an album on Facebook, go to the album’s page and click on the three dots in the top right corner. From there, select “View Album.

Where are my Facebook albums?

Your Facebook albums are only visible to you, not the public. To view them, go to your profile and click on “Photos.

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