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How do I find my old Neopets account?


  1. Recovering Your Account You’ll need to e-mail the Neopets Support Team and ask to recover the account.
  2. You can contact them directly at [email protected].
  3. There used to be a ticket system, but it’s currently unavailable, so e-mail is the only method of contacting the Neopets Team.

Revisiting My Old Neopets Account

Checking in on my old Neopets! (Throwback Gaming)

Did old Neopets accounts get deleted?

It’s also worth noting that, to date, there haven’t been any known instances of a Neopets Team employee account being deleted and recreated during a purge. This is most likely intentional to prevent fraudulent behavior – so you might have to reconsider if your desired account name is “borovan” or “donna.”

Can you have 2 Neopets accounts?

You are only allowed a maximum of five Neopets accounts on Neopets. Of these five, you can only utilize one to build Neopoints and create other items on the site, such as the type you get from visiting dailies.

What happen to Neopets?

The majority of the site’s content, including the most popular sections, is made up of Flash programs. It’s the only way Neopets conducts its major activities, with a huge portion of the site’s material being Flash-based. Adobe announced in 2020 that it would stop supporting the platform and close it down completely on December 31, 2020. The loss of Neopets’ activities would be catastrophic.

How many Neopets can you have on one account?

You may only have one primary account, as well as up to four additional accounts that can be used for galleries, etc. You can utilize your main account’s once-daily activities such as Coltzan’s Shrine and the Tombola.

How do I transfer my Neopets to another account?

How to Transfer a Pet. Make sure you have at least 1,000 Neopoints on hand before heading over to the Transferring Pets Room. You may see a button below each pet in the image above. Select the pet you wish to transfer by clicking on the button that is below it.

How do you play Meerca chase?

The gameplay is extremely basic; you maneuver a hyperactive Meerca around the screen gathering Neggs. Each Negg you pick up follows behind you in line, kind of like a tail that keeps following you across the screen.

How many NeoPets can you have on 2021?

You can only have five Neopets accounts. Only one of them may be made your Main Account and used to earn Neopoints, play games, and so on. You may alter which account you use as a main without fear of being penalized, but switching back and forth frequently could be regarded cheating; therefore – watch out.

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