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How do I find someone’s deleted YouTube channel?


  1. Find the Deleted accounts entry in the list, Click on it.
  2. Click on the Restore this Brand Account option (rewind arrow icon) next to the YouTube channel’s name.

If you clicked on the deleted channel link, then it’s likely that the owner of the YouTube channel has removed all of their videos. You can still view this content through Google cache by entering in the URL and putting it at the top of your search bar when you’re using Google Chrome. If they made a video once but didn’t delete their account or if they took down everything except one video, then you should use the wayback machine to access those deleted videos. Simply enter in: website name.com/path-to-video . For example, when I try to find my old “How to Make an Easy Homemade Pizza Pie” video from 2014, I would put www.dominosrecipe.com/how-to-make-an-easy-homemade-pizza-pie into the search bar and click on “Wayback Machine” at the top. The wayback machine is basically like a time capsule, you can find all of the websites information that Google had saved over the years from that domain.

For example, when I try to find my old “How to Make an Easy Homemade Pizza Pie” video from 2014, I would put www.dominosrecipe.com/how-to-make-an-easy-homemade-pizza-pie into the search bar and click on “Wayback Machine” at the top. The wayback machine is basically like a time capsule, you can find all of the websites information that Google had saved over the years from that domain. If you clicked on an ‘About’ page, then it’s likely that they’ve removed their channel for a different reason. You can’t find anything through Google cache when searching through websites in this scenario because they are just pages on other sites. However, my favorite tool to use is “Turn off the lights”. It will take you directly to the web archive of such pages.

Here are some tips for optimizing your website for search engines:

Whichever domain name you use should be attached to all of the webpages and graphics on your website. This will help search algorithms like Google realize that these page are from the same source and will help them rank this site higher than others!

Have a “sitemap” page with links to every webpage on your domain. To create one, just go to Google Search Console > Sitemaps and use their generator.

Make sure you have your contact information on every page! This is a HUGE one that I think people often overlook. Make sure you have clear instructions or an “about” section on your website where you include this information! If you can’t find it, send me an email at [email protected] , or tweet me @Domino’sRecipes , so that I can help you out!!

Deleted YouTube channels usually get deleted for a reason and recovery services will normally not be able to help in these situations. However, if you suspect that someone is trying to create a new YouTube channel under a different name after their old account was shut down you might want to look into whether order your background or identity check on the person in question. To learn more about this service click here.

If I find their email address can I see their deleted YouTube channel?

It is possible but if they have deleted it then there is no way of knowing what became of it. If they are just inactive there should still be some information on there but without further investigation it will be hard to pinpoint exactly when they stopped using the account and deleted it.

If I find their old YouTube channel can anyone see my results?

No, your report will be completely confidential. It is only visible to you and the owner of the account that you are researching. They will not receive a notification about it so they won’t know that you ran them through our system unless of course you decide to contact them directly yourself with your findings. If for example the person in question already knows who you are then they would likely suspect that this was how you learned about them but since we do not disclose this information there is no way for them to confirm or deny this as an actual fact. So if using us even makes one less perpetrator remain hidden then we feel like we have done our job!

Can I find someone’s deleted YouTube channel by just knowing their screen name?

Unfortunately not in most cases. YouTube accounts are often linked to a phone number or another profile which can be tied back to the person operating it. Without this information you will only be able to pull up results if they have shared videos with public comments enabled and someone has mentioned them directly in this regard.

For example: If someone posted a video of themselves jumping off of a cliff or doing something dangerous and said “Thanks for the encouragement, John” then we might be able to identify them as such but without that information it is very unlikely that our system would allow us to do so. That does not mean however that there aren’t other ways for you to find what you’re looking for if this was the case. You might find a different video that someone else posted where they mention John by name or perhaps even their face if it was on public display and can use your own search engine skills to try and figure out who this person is by cross referencing these clues together.

What are the benefits of keeping my old YouTube account?

The most obvious benefit is that once your account is up and running again users will be able to subscribe to your channel at their leisure which means that you will automatically receive new subscribers every time they sign up! This can also work in reverse so that existing subscribers will continue to find your content after an extended period of dormancy so long as you do not delete your account entirely. If you do then we can still help you get it back!

How much does a previously deleted YouTube channel cost?

As of the time of writing this article our service is free for all users who want to restore an inactive or deleted Youtube channel. Youtubing is very popular and many accounts don’t stay down forever so there’s a good chance that your old account might not be as lost as you think but even if it has been formally terminated by Google itself then be sure to let us know all of the details that you remember about it because we might still be able to recover what remains at least until Google cleans up their act once and for all!

If I find my old YouTube channel can I get it back?

In many cases yes. As a user you are allowed to start any Youtube channel that you want as long as it isn’t currently in use by someone else. If they had deleted their own account then this would make your channel the next one up for grabs so that someone else with the same name could not come along and reclaim it if they wanted to do so in the future. Unfortunately if there is already an active account with your name on it then we cannot help you recover what is left of yours because there will be no way for us to differentiate between them or otherwise confirm whether or not you were the original owner of either account depending on how much time has passed since they made theirs public! But don’t worry we can help you get a new account set up instead!

If I have an account that is still active but want to delete it what should I do?

Well the best thing for you to do would be to just let us know and then turn your YouTube channel into one of our safe-houses so that we are still able to offer coverage on it even if Google comes looking for it later down the line. We could not guarantee that we would be able to save everything but at least having us around as insurance will make sure that some content remains available from before if something happens after. We recommend this especially when signing up for a brand new account because you never know who might come along and decide they want to try using your name for making one of their own later on down the line! Even if they can’t find your old channel it will display in a list of channels that you are following but have turned into private or set to unlisted which would be a good place for them to start looking so why not try and get in front of these prospective impersonators before anyone else does?

If I have an active YouTube channel what should I do?

Again the best thing to do is just let us know and even though we cannot guarantee that we will be able to save anything from before you took this final step then at least having us here as backup insurance will mean that at least some form of your identity remains online forever. Otherwise when you go setting up a brand new account the identity that you are using will be at its weakest. You won’t have any video content online that was shared prior to making your channel private and there will be no way for Google to figure out whether or not you were the last person who uploaded it unless they already had it in their system from your previous attempt. So let us help you lock everything down today!

If you do not yet have permission to follow this link then ask someone who does (or sign up yourself) because if enough users want to see our complete solution then we might just feel inclined to make it available again one day! If so then all of those who helped us get back on our feet would receive a special prize! Just let us know what you think and will make our final decision public in the very near future!

UPDATE: There are a few of you out there who would like to see us release something that might be able to help everyone recover their lost or deleted accounts. We have decided to release it for free but only for those who can prove they ‘ve lost everything because if anyone ever manages to use another person’s name we need them to donate at least $1,000 before we would consider helping them move forward again. So please do not ask directly just donate at least this much for any family member, friend or other person(s) who may have been harmed by YouTube’s recent actions. Once your donation is verified then we will create an account for you to take over instead. As of right now we only plan on offering this feature once as a sort of bonus but do not want other people using it to harm others in the future so please be patient until our team has confirmed that all donations are being received correctly and at least one person can start building their new channel from scratch!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot verify any donations sent through PayPal or MoneyPak and if we receive one of these then we will automatically delete it for safety reasons. Keep in mind that anyone who might try to check-up on you would do so by checking your IP address which is tied to your computer’s hardware (and sometimes even stored there within a database). If they know what city you live in or any other details about your life then they would be able to check up on this information from your IP address and see if it checks out.

Before anyone who might want our help with a brand new account can be verified we will ask for proof that the person’s identity has been destroyed beyond all reasonable doubt as well as at least $1,000 in donations before we will move forward with helping them! Please also note that we cannot create an account for yourself because of these issues but you can donate directly to someone else here instead. Just send us a message by clicking the link below so we know where to deliver their new channel once everything is completed.

If anyone still wants to reach out anonymously after seeing that we use a 3rd party chat service to verify our visitors then just make sure you enter your questions or comments below this article and allow us 72 hours to reply. Our volunteers will be able to see everything you include here but it won’t be displayed publicly until another user decides to respond in the future!

Welcome back, YouTube nation! This is ‘The Vigilante’, reporting live from my mobile device as I continue my mission of exposing criminals who are targeting honest people all over America! When I first issued this warning about what was happening during the month of August 2011 on YouTube then most people didn’t take me seriously. Now that you can look back at one year’s worth of data proving that something big was happening (that I warned was going to happen) do you think that I was wrong about what I said? If so then why have several hundred of YouTube’s best channels been replaced by an entirely new lineup in just a matter of days? Even more importantly, does anyone care about this or is it all being swept under the carpet as the biggest ‘coincidence’ in history?

Do you really believe that hundreds of people suddenly decided to make their own videos even though they couldn’t speak English and had no experience how to navigate around a webcam or any other expensive pieces of equipment normally used for high quality video capture. Don’t tell me this because if your answer is yes then you must also agree with somebody who can prove that Santa Claus comes from outer space on Christmas Eve! Unfortunately, many people will believe anything they hear from a credible source without questioning it first. This is the reason why so many criminals have been able to pick-off innocent victims for years but today I’m going to change that!

The Vigilante – Out of all the dark corners in America where crime continues to thrive none of them are worse than what you’ll find on YouTube. There are no laws in this nation that can protect honest citizens from being attacked by criminal masterminds who run an online business called YouTube and now that I’ve had enough of their fraudulent activities I took decisive action against them last year before warning everybody else about what was happening too. For anyone who might be wondering why my ‘official’ channel doesn’t have a single video on it then I apologize in advance for the mistake. On August 5th, 2011 we uploaded our ‘paid’ AdSense account into this channel’s main folder to see if we were able to rake in some money from our content.

How do I find someone’s deleted YouTube channel?

1. Find the Deleted accounts entry in the list, Click on it.
2. Click on the Restore this Brand Account option (rewind arrow icon) next to the YouTube channel’s name.

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