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How do I fix my Google+?


  1. First, try signing out and back in again.
  2. If that doesn’t work, try deleting your cookies and cache.
  3. Finally, if you’re still having trouble, try resetting your password.

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How do I fix Google problems?

There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot and fix Google problems. First, try restarting your device and Google app. If that doesn’t work, clear the cache and data for the Google app. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If you’re still having problems, contact Google support.

How do you fix an app that won’t open?

If an app won’t open, you can try force quitting it. To do this, hold down the power button until the menu pops up and then slide to shut down. After your device has turned off, hold down the power button again to turn it back on. Once your device has turned on, open the app you were trying to use before. If the app still doesn’t work, delete it and reinstall it from the App Store.

Why Apps are not working today?

There could be a number of reasons why apps are not working today. One possibility is that there is an issue with the app’s servers, which could be causing the app to crash or not load properly. Another possibility is that there is a problem with your phone’s software or hardware, which is preventing the app from functioning correctly. Finally, it’s also possible that there is a problem with your internet connection, which is preventing the app from loading properly.

Why does my Google app keep stopping?

There could be a few reasons why your Google app keeps stopping. One possibility is that you have low storage space on your device. Another reason could be that you have too many apps running in the background, which is using up your device’s resources. Try closing some apps that you’re not using and see if that helps. If it doesn’t, you may want to clear your cache and data for the Google app.

Is the Google server down?

There is no way to know for sure whether or not the Google server is down, since this information is not public. However, it is possible to check the status of individual services on the Google website.

How do I clear cache on my phone?

Cache is a collection of files that stores temporary data so that it can be accessed more quickly. Clearing cache on your phone can help to free up storage space and improve performance.
There are a few ways to clear cache on your phone. One way is to go to your phone’s settings and select “Storage.” From there, you can select “Cached data” and then “Clear.

What do you do when an app keeps crashing?

If an app crashes, the best thing to do is to close it and reopen it. If it continues to crash, uninstall and reinstall the app.

How do I open Apps in Google Play?

To open apps in Google Play, first open the Google Play app. Then, swipe from left to right to open the menu. Next, select “My Apps & Games.” Finally, select the app you want to open.

What is wrong with my Google search?

There could be a number of things wrong with your Google search. One possibility is that you might be experiencing some type of technical difficulty. Another possibility is that your search results might not be as relevant as you would like them to be. You can try using different keywords or phrases in your search to see if that produces more relevant results. You can also try using Google’s “Advanced Search” feature to customize your search results.

What are the problems with Google?

Google has been criticized for a variety of reasons, including:
• Privacy concerns – Google has been criticized for collecting data about users’ search histories and other activities.
• Use of artificial intelligence – Some people are concerned about the potential for Google to use artificial intelligence in ways that could harm humans or interfere with our lives.

Should you clear cache?

Cache is a collection of webpages and other files that your browser saves on your computer so that it can load them faster the next time you visit the same website. You don’t need to clear your cache every time you visit a website, but you may want to clear it if you’re having problems loading pages or if the website looks different than it did before.

Is it OK to clear cached data?

Yes, it is generally safe to clear cached data on your device. This can help free up storage space and improve performance. However, be sure to back up any important data before clearing cached data, as it may be deleted along with the cache.

How do I clear my Google Chrome cache and history?

To clear your Google Chrome cache and history, follow these steps:
Open Google Chrome.
Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the window.
Select More Tools > Clear Browsing Data.
In the Clear Browsing Data window, select the following options:
Browsing History
Cookies and other site data
Click Clear Data.

Why Google pay is not working today?

Google pay is not working today because of a technical issue. Google is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it as quickly as possible.