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How do I get a refund from Subway?


Subway has a policy that allows for refunds. If you want to get a refund, then you should call the company’s customer service line at 1-800-786-7890.

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How do I file a complaint against Subway?

You can file a complaint against Subway by going to https://www.subway.com/contact-us and filling out the form with your information and the details of your complaint.

How do I cancel a Subway order?

You can cancel your Subway order by contacting them at 1-800-888-4848.

Can you return a sandwich at Subway?

Yes, you can return a sandwich at Subway. You just need to bring the sandwich and receipt with you so that they can verify the purchase.

How do I complain to Subway UK?

Subway UK has a customer service email that you can reach out to. You can also find the phone number on the website.

How do I get ahold of subway corporate office?

If you are an individual, please contact the Subway Consumer Care team by emailing them at [email protected] or calling (800) 888-4848.
If you are a restaurant operator, please contact the Subway Restaurant Support team by emailing them at [email protected] or calling (800) 888-4848.

Can I call in a Subway order?

Yes, you can! Subway is a franchise and different stores may have different policies. However, most allow you to call in an order ahead of time.

Can you cancel an order on the Subway app?

Yes, you can cancel an order on the Subway app. To do this, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the app and then select “Cancel Order.

Can I pay with cash on subway app?

Yes, you can pay with cash on the subway app. You can purchase a MetroCard or reload your card by using your credit or debit card.

How can I get free subway points?

You can get free subway points by using your card to pay for a purchase and then entering the Subway Fresh Rewards code in the app. You can also get points by downloading the Subway Fresh Rewards app and scanning your card at a participating location.

How do I remove favorites from Subway app?

This is a tough one. I can’t find an answer on the Subway website, but I think the best way would be to delete the app altogether.

Can I use subway points online?

No, you cannot use subway points online. You can only redeem them in store or on the app.

Does subway do Apple Pay?

Subway does not accept Google Pay and there is no indication that it will be accepted in the future.

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