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How do I get a sky box office account?


  1. Now Go to sports.skyboxoffice.com/events and select the event you want to order.
  2. Then Select Buy now. If you don’t have a Sky Sports Box Office account already, select Sign up to enter your details and create one.
  3. And Select Pay now. You’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions for watching your event online.

How to order a Sky Box Office event on Sky+

How to order a Sky Box Office event on Sky Q – Sky Help

Do you need a Sky account for Sky Box Office?

Is it possible to live stream this event in the UK or Republic of Ireland? Is it true that if I buy the event to view on my PC/laptop/MAC, I can then choose to watch it through my NOW Box/Smart Stick or via the iOS or Android app? Yes, without a doubt.

Do Sky customers have to pay for box office?

No, you must register and buy the event separately. I am having a terrible time watching the event, such as buffering / freezing etc.

Can you order Sky Box Office on Sky go?

Watch live on a mobile or tablet using the Sky Sports Box Office app, which is available through the Apple Store and Play Store. Watch via the web player at sports.skyboxoffice.com on a PC/Mac/laptop. The NOW TV box allows you to watch via the Sky Sports Box Office app.

Does Sky app have box office?

Enjoy the hottest Box Office sports events, all from the comfort of your own sofa on your Sky+HD or Sky Q box. Alternatively, you may watch every fight live from selected Box Office events via your PC/Mac, Now TV box, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet if you’d rather use a different device.

How do I watch BT box office on Sky?

If you go via the BT website, you must identify yourself as a Sky subscriber and follow their directions. If you subscribe to BT Sport through Sky, take a look at Channel 490 and figure it out from there.

How many devices can you watch Sky Box Office on?

The Sky Sports Box Office Online feature is accessible on PC/Mac, iOS/Android phones/tablets and NOW TV devices. You can only watch one program at a time using this service.