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How do I get rid of captions on TikTok?


  1. Open the app and get to your video.
  2. Save it and then re-uploaded it. do not type anything on the captions’ box.

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Can you hide TikTok captions?

To remove captions, tap on the caption and then on the “Hide captions” bubble. To show them again, tap the tiny rectangle to the side of the screen. Tap on the caption while watching a video with subtitles to hide them. For all videos you watch, auto captions will not be disabled.

How do you get CC on TikTok?

To add subtitles to your video, click the check button in the bottom right corner after recording or uploading it. To add captions, click the “text” button at the bottom of the TikTok screen. To signal closed captions, start with “CC:.” Choose a font style, text alignment, and color for your captions.

Can you add a caption on TikTok after posting?

TikTok does not allow for video caption editing after publication; nevertheless, there is a workaround, so you won’t have to record and re-post the same material. … “Save Video” should be selected. After saving has finished, re-post the identical video with the new caption.

How do you move the caption on TikTok?

Tapping the captions allows you to modify or remove them. You can only move the captions up and down on the left side of the screen, with blue grid lines appearing as you do so. Tap next once you’ve finished adjusting the captions, filling out the last page, and uploading your video.

Can you get rid of hashtags on TikTok?

Unfortunately, TikTok does not have a feature that hides the text captions of a video. You may want to conceal captions from the videos you’ve viewed or are currently viewing (your own).

How do I turn off text to speech on TikTok?

Touch the text box and, from the menu, select “Set duration.” Text-to-speech may also be used more than once in a video: To add several distinct text boxes to the video, use the Text function.

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