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How do I get rid of hi5 emails?


  1. Go to the Hi5 website.
  2. Click on the “Helpbutton.
  3. On the instruction section for nonmembers
  4. Click on the “Click Here” link and enter your email address.
  5. Click on the “Block Email” button and you will be unsubscribed from receiving emails and friend requests.

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Answers: Help! Please! I just figured out how much those dumb social networking sites are taking over our lives, and now I can’t remove someone’s profile from mine?! And it says that even if I delete my account, the site will still exist!? WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO GET RID OF THOSE STUPID PAGES

I have a friend that I do not want to talk to at all. He is very hurtful and emotionally abusive and he always tries to get me to go back with him. He has hacked my accounts and tried to get people close to me by contacting them on Facebook. I would like his emails completely off of my Facebook inbox…any help, please? Thank you!!

No, you don’t need to. This is not spam and is not illegal (for Facebook). For many people, it’s just an annoying way to get attention so they will leave you alone. If that doesn’t work for some reason then just ignore him.

There must be something on your account that he can contact with, like a photo or video in ‘my photos’, some of your old posts, or any open guestbook entries from other users. It could look as if somebody else contacted them through your account but this does not mean someone hacked into your account.

Can I delete hi5 messages? 

Facebook enables only user-to-user messages which are exchanged directly between one person’s inbox and another person’s inbox. This is done very easily by clicking on this person’s name and hitting the message button. You must have had at least one conversation with the person to whom you are sending messages in order for it to work as it does here.

Hi5 users trying to send private messages or emails instead of using Facebook chat will not be able to do so. Hi5 sends all of these messages through their servers, which means that they can see what was sent, who sent it, and from where as well as when and if it was read or replied back to. Hi5 is a popular social networking site that requires no registration, yet allows people to mix communication between personal and business networks thanks to its integration with external email providers such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL.

Hi5 is not an email host, so you will not be able to send messages to the people who have accounts in Hi5 using your own email account. No, the only way that one can communicate with other members of this network is through its messaging system or by adding them as friends. Hi5 stops users from creating their own websites inside of their accounts (though it does allow for photos and videos) in order to keep everything contained within itself. However, users are free to link outwards whenever they want. — Read More

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I would like him on my delete list but can’t figure out how! Thanks for your help!!

It’s called ‘blocking’ – hit his name underneath his message and then hit ‘block’ and you’ll never see another message from him again. It also stops him from seeing yours too.

Hi there Many thanks for your post, I have been looking for an online method to block messages all day and this has saved me a lot of time having to trawl through Google results. Very useful post as well as interesting in the content! Reply Delete

Just one thing: This method will block ALL messages – so if you’d like to keep receiving messages from everyone else (i.e., not just the person you’re blocking), you should set up a filter for them instead so that they still go into Inbox rather than Spam/Trash. Just make sure it goes before the one that blocks the person you don’t want to hear from. Reply Delete

Hey, I’ve been having this problem for a while with someone. They have pictures of me and my friend on their page that they took without our consent, and they won’t take it down or tell people to stop using the photos because they won’t talk about it with me. Can I just block him? Thanks! Reply Delete

I would like to totally remove all contact info of an ex-boyfriend who has posted his details (including email address) on Facebook without asking me, as although we are not together anymore (a decision which was mutually taken in order for both of us to move forward), I do not agree with what he is doing and he threatens me when I tell him I am not happy with what he has done. He is a controlling and aggressive man, but I do not want my details on his Facebook page so that he can keep sending me offensive messages. Reply Delete

hi, I can’t figure out how to block someone I have blocked by mistake…how do I unblock this person? Reply Delete

Hi! Thank you for the info, it really helps 🙂 But now I have a new problem: My ex-boyfriend is trying to get in touch with me again after 3 years without contact!!! How could I isolate myself from him? Reply Delete

To isolate yourself from your ex-boyfriend you should change your e-mail address

I am Elizabeth. I am here to give you a solution on how to unblock yourself from someone’s Facebook account, or how to remove your name from someone’s blocked list so that you can contact her/him without being notified by Facebook. There is a difference between blocking and unfriending someone when it comes to the Facebook mutual friends feature. When you block people, your mutual friends can’t view your interactions — including comments on their photos or posts, tagging you in photos or posts, or mentions of your username in messages — via News Feed but they can still see things that you do in other parts of Facebook such as sending messages back and forth if they are also members of groups that include both people who have blocked each other. So if you want to see what mutual friends are saying about you behind your back, this guide will help. If you just want to stop seeing someone on Facebook without blocking them, there’s no need to friend them again — instead, unfriend or unlike their page. However, if the person you want to block can send messages and/or pictures of you as visible on his wall then it means he has access to your information within Friend List under the Privacy Settings option. In that case, in order for him not to be able to do so anymore (and also not be able to find your profile when searching), use this guide below:

Step 1: Start “Facebook” application on your computer;

Step 2: Locate the left-side navigation bar region and click on “Account” link;

Step 3: Once clicked, you will be navigated to a new page. Locate the “Privacy Settings” option and click there; After clicking on the Privacy Settings option, another page will appear, with privacy options listed in alphabetical order. Click again on this second page where it says “Block Lists“; You should now see a page that contains two lists: one list of people who have blocked you, and one of your blocklists (the latter includes people who are not in your friend’s list).

A third blocklist is sometimes visible called ‘pending’ requests for blocking – these are from users you haven’t accepted or rejected yet. Follow these steps to the letter: -Click Add next to any name in your list of blocklists; A drop-down menu will appear. Click Block List Members; A page will now load with two options: Approved Block List and Denied Block List – you can uncheck the box next to either one. Now click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. Once you have blocked someone, they won’t be able to see anything you post on Facebook that’s visible to friends (such as photos or videos.) They also will not be able to start a conversation with you on Facebook Chat, including sending messages from Messenger. However, if an ex-boyfriend has access to your information within Friend List under the Privacy Settings option then he could still send a message(s) via Facebook Chat even after blocking.

How do I get rid of hi5 emails?

1. Go to the Hi5 website.
2. Click on the “Helpbutton.
3. On the instruction section for nonmembers
4. Click on the “Click Here” link and enter your email address.
5. Click on the “Block Email” button and you will be unsubscribed from receiving emails and friend requests.

How do I unsubscribe from Hi5?

Locate the “Cancel Account” section at the top of the page, and then click on “Cancel My Account.” The next page will prompt you to confirm termination. Select yes to terminate your account.

How do I delete emails from Hi5?

To unsubscribe from receiving emails and friend requests, at the bottom of the Hi5 homepage, please click on “Help” and then under “Instructions for nonmembers“, please click on “Click Here”. Enter your email address into the box that pops up. Then click on “Block Email.”

How do I delete my Hi5 account?

Click the “Cancel Account” link in the settings menu on your desktop. Enter your password and click “Cancel Account“.

How do I view my Hi5 profile?

To find friends on Hi5, visit the website and then click on the “find friends” tab.

What happened Hi5?

The social networking site if(we), formerly known as Tagged, purchased hi5 in December 2011. Originally known for being the second largest network after Myspace by 2007, if(we) then became the 2nd largest social networking site after MySpace following its purchase of hi5

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