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How do I get someone off my Sprint plan?


  1. There are a few ways that you can get someone off your Sprint plan.
  2. You can call Sprint customer service and ask to have the person removed from your account.
  3. You can also go to your account online and remove the person yourself.

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How do I take someone off my Sprint plan?

To take someone off your Sprint plan, you’ll need to call Sprint customer service and request to have that person’s account cancelled. You’ll need to have the person’s name and account number handy when you call.

How do you cancel a line on Sprint?

To cancel a line on Sprint, you’ll need to call customer service and have them process the cancellation. You’ll likely need to provide your account number and other personal information.

How much does Sprint charge for cancellation?

Sprint charges a $200 fee for early contract termination.

Can you get off someone’s phone plan?

Yes, you can get off someone’s phone plan. You can either call the phone company and ask to be removed from the plan, or you can have the person who added you to the plan remove you.

How can I get out of Sprint without paying a fee?

If you are no longer under contract with Sprint and would like to cancel your service, you can do so without paying a fee as long as you give the company enough notice. In most cases, Sprint requires customers to give at least 30 days’ notice before canceling service, though the exact timeframe may vary depending on your plan.

Can I break my contract with Sprint?

You can, but you’ll have to pay an early termination fee.

Can you cancel Sprint lease?

Yes, you can cancel your Sprint lease. You’ll need to provide 30 days’ notice and pay an early termination fee.

Can I return my leased phone to Sprint?

Yes, you can return your leased phone to Sprint. You will need to bring the phone and your lease agreement to a Sprint store. The store will process the return and you will receive a refund for the remaining months on your lease agreement.

How do I transfer ownership of a phone number?

To transfer the ownership of a phone number, the current owner needs to provide the new owner with their account information and PIN. The new owner then logs into their account and enters the phone number they would like to transfer into the “port” section. From there, they will be prompted to pay the $20 porting fee. Once the payment is complete, the transfer is complete!

How long does it take to change ownership Sprint?

It typically takes about two weeks to change ownership of a Sprint account. During that time, you’ll need to provide your old carrier with account details and contact information for your new carrier. You’ll also need to cancel your service with your old carrier.

How can I get off my moms phone plan?

There are a few ways to get off your mom’s phone plan. One way is to buy a new phone and activate it with a new carrier. Another way is to ask your mom to add you to her plan as a secondary line. You can also buy a prepaid phone and use that as your primary phone.

How do I remove myself from a family plan?

If you want to remove yourself from a family plan, you can either call your carrier or go into a store. They will be able to help you remove yourself from the plan and switch to a different plan or carrier.

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