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How do I hide a bank account in QuickBooks online?


  • 1.Now Got to Settings ⚙ and then Bank Accounts.

2.And Find the account you want to hide.

3.In the Show Account section, select the toggle to OFF.

Deleting Accounts in QuickBooks Online

When you set up your bank account in QuickBooks online, the transaction detail page does not display any of the information that shows where the money came from or where it went. Instead, these details appear on a separate Transaction Detail Page. If you want to remove this page so that there is no visible record of where an income deposit came from or which expense paid for what, follow the instructions below:

1) Go to Accountant>Accounts and then click on the name of the bank account you wish to hide. Clicking on “More Actions” at the top right will display a dropdown menu; select “Edit Account Settings.”

2) On the Edit Bank Account screen, click on Edit next to “Display the Transaction Detail Page”.

3) Click on the “Hide” radio button and then click Ok. The page will reload and display a message to confirm that you want to hide your transaction detail pages. Click OK again.

4) Select Save & Close from the Account menu in the top right corner of your screen, or click the orange Save & Close button at the bottom of the Account Information box to save these changes to your bank account settings.

Now, if you go back to Edit Bank Settings > Display the Transaction Detail Page > Hide, you’ll see a YES/NO option. Selecting NO displays all transactions, as usual; selecting YES hides all transactions except deposits/withdrawals made directly into or out of the bank account. This option can be utilized on all QuickBooks online accounts, not just the primary bank account.

This should allow you to hide all transactions that do not deal with income or expenses so no one will have access to this information when reviewing your QuickBooks online file.


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How do I hide an inactive account in QuickBooks online? Enoch Garcia

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Does anyone know why they would need my bank account number?

I had the same issue with Intuit and they were asking for my business bank account numbers. Freaked me out until I read this thread on here describing the purpose. Something to do with payroll, apparently? Or did he mean an LLC to have two types of accounts?? Confusing. Anyway, once I gave them the info they needed (they asked me what kind of company structure I had), everything was fine. sigh…

Glad you got your answer! Because when we talked about it in chat, they basically said that if you don’t give them specific permission from the IRS or something like it, they can’t show you any transactions which is severely limited what you can do with your online QB file.

I recently did the same thing (set up an LLC to separate myself from my standard business), but they didn’t ask for any bank account numbers or anything like that… Just a due date for payroll taxes, and now I get two delicious deposits in my checking account every month! Yummmmmm….

I am also curious where this money comes from though?

All of it is cash deposits, no checks. It’s deposit dates are always on Tuesdays. So I’m figuring these are paycheck deposits and direct deposit somehow?? I don’t know how that works, maybe it’s just straight from my business account into the new LLC checkbook type thing? But who would be paying me from the business account, if that’s the case?

Okay this is frighteningly interesting lol. Quickbooks had been telling me for a while now that I have a negative balance in my bank account which just doesn’t make sense because I’ve never made any negative transactions or received any fees of such things. However since it occurred after I moved my business into an LLC, the only thing that could be causing this were the deposits from my new employer on Tuesdays so I assumed it was related to QuickBooks Online being confused about what kind of company structure I had and started messing with the accounting portion of their program.

Well today as I’m looking over some paperwork out of curiosity, and lo and behold, just yesterday there was a W-2 and 1099 that had my name on it. So I’m thinking, what the hell? Not sure if this is accurate or from whom it’s from but I started digging into this and found out something pretty interesting about how QuickBooks Online handles payroll (and why they need access to your bank account numbers).

I am also curious where this money comes from though?

For whatever reason, when you set up an LLC in QB Online (at least through Turbotax), they will create what appears to be random payroll accounts with different digits at the end of them. Mine has two actually. One goes directly into my business checking account without issue, but the other one ends in 1711 which seems to go into a temporary holding account before being transferred to another bank which then ends up going into a third bank before finally ending up in my personal checking account.

Now supposedly this is because I set up my LLC through TurboTax and not within the QB program, but at least 90% of other people with an LLC setup the same way are just getting one pay check per month that they’ve received directly into their business checking account for years now. So there must be some issue or inconsistency with how QuickBooks Online does things behind the scenes here… Why else would they need to create multiple payroll accounts? It’s confusing as hell when it comes to paying taxes during the end of the year too because you have no idea how much money is going where without digging through every single individual transaction.

How do I hide a bank account in QuickBooks online?

1.Now Got to Settings ⚙ and then Bank Accounts.
2.And Find the account you want to hide.
3.In the Show Account section, select the toggle to OFF.

How do I hide a bank account in QuickBooks online?

Click the Gear Icon. Choose Chart of Accounts. Above the Action column, select the Gear icon, then choose Include inactive.

Hide bank accounts?

1.Now Open QuickBooks Self-Employed in a web browser.
2.Select the profile ⚙ icon and then Bank Accounts.
3.And Find the account you want to hide.
4.In the Show Account section, select the toggle to OFF.

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